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5 Benefits of Installing Double-Glazed Windows

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When it comes to make improvements to your property, it’s not uncommon for homeowners and property developers to feel overwhelmed with an ever-growing to do list. However, whether you’re looking to add value to your house or simply give it a makeover, it’s often the smallest of renovations that make the biggest impact.

In this guide, we’re sharing five benefits of replacing your old windows, along with how double-glazed options can improve your property in the long-run.

1. Cheaper energy bills

The most obvious advantage to replacing old windows is that you’ll see a significant reduction the bills you pay to run the house. This is because upgrading single-glazed windows to those with an added layer help to keep the heat in (and the cold out!), meaning you won’t have to spend as much money on heating the property.

Double-glazed windows can also be classified with energy efficiency labels. In order to have an eco-home, choose a replacement window that is rated label C or above. This will have a payback of five to six years, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

2. Less external noise

Once you’ve installed double-glazed windows, you should see a dramatic decline in the amount of noise that you hear from outside the property. This is because the added layer of glass prevents noise from entering in and out of the home.

Not only will installing these replacement windows help your home to become more peaceful, but it’s now considered as essential for homes situated along busy main roads.

3. Added home security

Because your home will have another layer of glass that is vacuumed to the existing window panel, you’ll also benefit from increase home security when installing double-glazed windows.

This means that worrying about intruders smashing a window is less of a risk, allowing you to do the thing you love most at home… Relax!

4. Increased property value

In an age where homeowners are doing anything they can to increase the value of their property, many are failing to recognise the value that double-glazing can add to their home.

Many new property buyers are attracted by double-glazed windows as it means they don’t have to install them once they’ve bought the house. Plus, proving to a potential buyer that the cost of running and maintaining the property is cheaper is always a bonus!

5. Efficient temperature control

When it comes to installing double-glazed windows, it may be beneficial to consider those made with low-e glass. These types of window have a metal coating on one side and help to control the temperature of your room through both hot and cool months.

Low-e glass windows work by controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your property. But, it’s not just the temperature of the room that will be affected. You can use these replacement windows to prevent excess sunlight damaging leather furniture or carpets, saving you even more money in the long-term.

As you can see, there are many benefits of replacing your old windows with newer and more cost-effective solutions. Once you’ve understood these and made the switch, you should also expect to see a rise in the value of your property when selling or renting, too!


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