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Our Eleven Effective Tips for Removing Smoke Odour from Your Home


It does not matter if you are a heavy smoker and are trying to rent out your suburban home, or you have just moved into a house that reeks of cigar smoke, there are some simple but effective steps you can take to get rid of the awful smell.

You need first to understand that spraying your room with fresheners or scented candles will only help you mask the lousy odour temporarily. Opening the window will also dilute the smell, but it will not get rid of it permanently.

So, what should you do?

Get Started With These 11 Steps to an Odour-Free Home

For you to comprehensively know what to do to genuinely de-stink your apartment, you need to get rid of the source of the problem. That is why you need to go through the following tips, and you will be smiling and yearning for visitors to come to your home. Check them out:

#01. Open up the Windows and Switch on the Fan

You need constant air circulation; one for proper breathing and secondly to aerate your home.  Ventilation is the first step in any process of eliminating any household odours, especially smoke. If you have windows that do not offer you sufficient ventilation, make sure that you open the doors with fans that face outward to pull out the stale air.

#02. Thoroughly Clean the Walls and Hard Surfaces

Using some mild soap or some vinegar solution, thoroughly scrub the walls. If you feel that you have carefully dealt with the smoke residue, head on to rinse the walls. You should also remember to clean inside cabinets, drawers, and closets.

#03. Clean Other Surfaces with A Dry Chemical Sponge

Use a soot-sponge to get rid of the smoke residue from ceiling tiles, lampshades and other materials that can’t get wet.

#04. What about the Upholstery? Steam-Clean Them

You can utilize the services of special deodorizing shampoos to get rid of the smoke and any other odours from your upholstery rather than mixing them up with another scent.

#05. Vinegar and Baking Soda, Your Best Cleaning Agent

Set some bowls of kitty litter or baking soda throughout your home to effectively absorb the unwanted odours. You can even take those old towels from your room and dampen them with vinegar and wave them around the room for a minute or two. They will absorb the odours leaving your house fresh and ‘Magnifique’!

#06. How about Repainting Those Walls and Floors?

One might ask. How does repainting help? Putting a fresh coat of paint to your walls traps the contained odours thus giving your home a fresh new feel and look. A matte finish polyurethane sealant will provide your home with good odour protection without altering the sheen of the newly re-painted wall.

#07. Take the Carpets Out

Have you tried, in futility, removing the smoke odour from your carpet? Do you feel frustrated? Well, take a breath first. It can be an impossible task trying to get rid of the cigarette smoke particles from carpeting.

If the smell still lingers even after scrubbing and pouring some baking soda, you can take on the vacuum cleaner. A powerful HEPA enabled canister vacuum would do the trick.

However, the smoke might remain obstinate. At this point, take it out and try scrubbing the flooring beneath before installing a new carpet. If you cannot replace the carpet, seek out professional carpet cleaning services.

#08. Let the Professionals Deal with the Curtains

Curtains can be a headache. So, after you soak them in a bathtub full of all-purpose cleaner and the odour is still noticeable, seek out the help of an expert. You can also try replacing them when every effort you put in seems futile.

#09. Wipe or Replace the Light Bulbs

Some scent diffusers rely on the heat from light bulbs to disperse the aroma of the scented oil. That is the same way cigarette by-products can be scattered throughout your living space. So, ensure that you wipe the bulbs or even consider replacing often.

#10.Clean the Windows

There is another advantage of cleaning the windows. When the sun’s generous heat rays hit them, the sunshine warms the smoke-covered windows and then disperses the smell from your house.

#11. Invest in an Air Purifier and Regularly Replace the Filters

Another critical aspect to consider is an air purification system in your home. A powerful HEPA air purifier will absorb 99.99% of the smoke residue, thus leaving your house smoke-free.

You should, however, remember to change the air filter more frequently than usual to improve the air quality of your home.


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