We’re constantly being offered glimpses of other people’s homes on television, with various high profile interior designers offering advice. A lot of these room layouts can come across as gimmicky, which is hardly any surprise since the central premise is less to decorate a home as create a talking point. Nevertheless, certain design tips do strike a more universal chord.

Here’s a summary of interior design trends that have really captured the imagination in 2018. Far from being gimmicks, perhaps you’ve even considered introducing some of these into your own home?

Bathroom spa

Once upon a time, your bathroom contained a toilet, a sink, a bath and a shower. The only variation on that classic quartet was if the bath and shower were combined. In the more flamboyant instances, there might have been a bidet.

But an increasing number of households are taking the idea of relaxing in the tub to the next level, creating bathroom spas. No longer exclusive to hotels and country retreats, people are installing large jacuzzi baths, complemented by all-in-one color tiles. As technology comes down in price, bathroom accessories aren’t just toothbrushes, soaps and hair products. Nowadays that jacuzzi may well have a television built into the opposite wall, while waterproof audio devices are ensuring those stretching out in the heated, bubbling tub may well be reluctant to ever clamber out.

This area of self-indulgence is even better should you have a house guest, perhaps some suitably compatible partner you were introduced to via mutual friends or an online dating service. What could be more impressive than inviting someone back to your humble abode for some spa treatment?


A ubiquitous aspect of interior design is pot plants, with the actual species growing from the decorative bowl dependent on the personal tastes of the designer. But one of the latest trends is to strategically place pattern plants. Rather than concentrating on colorful blooms whose petals will most likely scatter to the floor after a number of weeks, the focal points are the leaves. These are far more durable and long-lasting and contain natural alternate or opposite patterns or whorled textures.

Set inside any room they will immediately inject new life into their surroundings. Different species come in a diverse range of greens, whether you are thinking of a subtle lime tone to balance the lighter shades around it, or a much darker green to impose its own prominence among the furniture.


Trends relating to popular household fabrics come and go, but one trend persisting this year is to have furnishings with velvet and leather. Chairs and couches will be finished in delightful natural colors, reminiscent of nature’s wildernesses, designed in earthy browns or verdant greens. Bedrooms will boast leather-upholstered headboards and matching chairs.

Patterned tiles

Not only are textured leaves becoming de rigeur, tiles bearing elaborate and colorful designs have found an exit from that time tunnel to the 1970s. Known as Terrazzo, these floor tiles will impart a bold statement of intent in any environment. Previously associated with the foyers of Las Vegas hotels, intricately printed marble Terrazzo tiles are definitely making a comeback. They can achieve a particularly effective design if they match the wall tiles, creating a more compact design structure, drawing the viewer in to a compact and comforting retreat.

Signature ceilings

A rising trend is for the ceiling to be any room’s design emphasis. While the walls might remain relatively neutral, the ceiling can be tiled, wallpapered or painted so anyone entering is immediately drawn to look up, gaining their overall impression of the room from that point downwards.


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