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Make Your House A Home With These Unique Decorative Pieces


Home should be soft and comfortable, a haven you look forward to resting in at the end of every day. That’s why it’s essential to pay attention to the details that make your house your unique space without it looking kitsch, and that sweet spot can be achieved with smart, beautiful accessories that serve multiple purposes. One item that will make your home unique is an engraved house name sign made from wood by The Engraving People.

The Works is a treasure trove of unique home décor pieces that elevate the feel and ambience of your house while still working with your personal taste. Check out these suggestions to turn any room to your favourite place in the house.

Wooden Heart Tealight Holder

Lighting plays a vital role in how your house feels, any homebody can tell you that. Take your home’s romantic vibe up a notch by adding a simple but lovely detail: tea lights! Your bedroom can look like a real-life fairy tale with strategically placed tealights, and this tealight holder is the perfect stand to keep the candles out of the way while adding to the romantic atmosphere of your room. The holder can also serve as one of your home accessories by itself when not in use!

Heart-Shaped Slate Message Board

You’ve probably pinned dozens of home décor inspiration posts on Pinterest, so start with this unique and quirky piece to make your home office, kitchen, living room or bedroom a little more ‘you’. Scrawl messages and noes and inspirational quotes on this board, great for staging with your houseplants for that perfect Instagram picture of a focal point in your home. The board is made from slate, which makes it hardy and long-lasting, and can be used for years with white or coloured chalk for writing.

Black Light-Up Marquee Star

Your bedroom needs a focal point, and for most people, that’s the bed. But who says your bed area has to be boring? Jazz up your headboard with this lux light-up marquee star. The soft LED lights add a dreamy feel without overpowering the entire room and will draw your eye every time you walk in. After all, your bed is the star of the room.

Travel Theme Photo Frame with Pegs

He way you hang your photos can bring a burst of creativity into your room. Instead of stodgy frames, try these travel-themed peg photo frames to display your vacation pictures with friends and family.

Mini Light Box

You’ve seen the dreamy Instagram pictures with lightboxes proclaiming fun and inspirational messages, and you know you have to get one!. Having a lightbox is a fun, easy way to add some personality to your room. This set from The Works comes with premade message slides and the option of creating your messages with interchangeable letter stickers, characters and numbers too. Display your message to yourself on a wall or freestanding on a table as part of your home décor.

It’s important to start small when adding décor elements to your house, and these pieces will not overpower your home but will add instant flair and personality. With these accessories, your home will become your favourite place to be.


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