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Five Main Types Of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces Used Today



In contemporary homes, fireplaces have become must-have items for buyers or residents. They tend to put into consideration the fact that they exist in different types, whether they are looking forward to installing one in their homes or if they already have one. They are also aware of the brands they want or own before jumping into a building or operating them. Fireplaces, which uses ethanol as a source of fuel, are known to be very safe than the traditional ones. They are widely used because they produce clean flames which do not contain harmful substances that would otherwise affect people. Below is a brief description of the five main types of fireplaces in which people consider using.

  1. Wall fireplaces

People generally select wall ethanol fireplaces for the reason that they are always present in contemporary and lustrous designs. They tend to install them in the walls of waiting rooms, condos, and also in restaurants. They are usually installed in these areas because they have an inviting, relaxing, and calming properties, which are noticed first by guests or even their families as they enter the room.

  • Tabletop ethanol fireplaces

Most people use the ethanol fireplace guidebook, which helps them with comprehensive information regarding the type of fireplace they desire to have as well as answers any questions they may have regarding such devices. People owning this type usually install it in any place of their homes because they do not require any ventilation hardware. Some introduce them in dining areas for the reason that they have outstanding designs which make fantastic counter pieces in such rooms.

  • Burners

It is one of the purest forms of ethanol fires, and the majority of people use this to provide extra heat in their homes. They are used on most occasions because they do not require additional display elements or complicated hardware.

  • Fireboxes

They are simple rectangular boxes comprised of a flame, some of which are simpler whereas others are polished. Owners can install them in a wall, or into an existing fireplace. Owners consider them to be environmentally friendly too since no smoke or ash can be released. They usually use it for smaller rooms in the interior designs. It has a low heat transfer which provides ambience and warmth in that specific area.

  • Recessed units

Homeowners consider this type based on the ethanol fireplace guidebook to be similar to the wall fireplace. The only difference which exists is that the former is installed in the wall whereas the latter is mounted in the wall. The primary purpose of the old is to present an exceptional level of sophistication and elegance.   


Nowadays, ethanol fireplaces are mostly used in different homes across the globe for the reason that it produces a clean flame which does not cause respiratory effects in humans once inhaled. Homeowners or buyers tend to contemplate on the various types of these specific fireplaces before settling on what they are comfortable with. The five main models used by them are known to improve elegance in their homes. 


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