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Why Thai Expats in the UK play Live Dealer Games in Native Language


Recent research suggests that most Thai expats in the UK play live casino games in their original language. Thanks to technology, the language barriers in online gambling have been broken. Above all sectors of the gambling industry, live gaming has seen the biggest improvements. With interactive dealers speaking different languages for various players and HD streaming.

In the UK, language-specific casino games have become super popular over time. The industry is witnessing the biggest software makers compete to create and release top native-language games. Well, Thai expats in the UK are taking advantage of the privilege that comes with UKGC licensed casinos, which includes language flexibility.

Live casino in the UK is immersive

Players who have never played a live casino game might not understand why real-time gaming against dealers is so exciting. Undoubtedly, the best live casino games offer a wide range of variants. However, casino owners have realized the importance of incorporating live casino games with various languages.

Past research sites that most experienced Thai bettors in the UK love playing live games. This comes as no surprise because live gambling has transformed. 30 years ago, no one would have guessed that one day, gamblers would play against live dealers from home.

When we break down the data and take a keener look at how the Brits are choosing their betting games, a few interesting things come up. In 2021, the digital casino has more variants of live games than ever before.

In fact, there are variations online that are not in land-based casinos. For instance, Lightning Roulette is popular among Thai punters in the UK. It is not a game you would find in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Recent gambling industry statistics indicate that live gaming is on a fast ‘popularity’ track. This could be attributed to the HD graphics. Moreover, it offers a real-time gambling experience to players, but from the comfort of their homes.

A boom in native language game providers

The race amongst gaming software developers never ends. They are constantly releasing new games, with special effects and interesting in-game bonuses. The dominant local-language game provider is Evolution Gaming. The developer has over 300 live casino games, with more than 3000 dealers from different backgrounds. Such tables provide an authentic gaming environment for people who prefer to play in Thai.

Playtech is another gaming software company that offers Roulette in local languages including Mandarin.

Thai language tables have a huge following by natives living in the UK.

All live casino games offer unique benefits but what is the difference between native language tables? Playing UK casino live games in the Thai language offers real-time action with customized culture. The dealers in their native language convey and communicate in a way that upholds that reminds players of their Thai culture.

Isn’t it amazing that one can now join a live table and be welcomed in their mother tongue? All the live tables are realistic presentations of what is offered in physical casinos. Additionally, the streaming process is crisp and flawless. Every detail of the action is captured in different angles, by HD quality cameras.

Once in a while, some games will have the Thailand flag in the background. This is a genius way of making Thai gamblers in the UK feel at home and play with ease.

Where to find Thai language live games in the UK

Players who want to experience live casinos in the Thai language can visit several licensed UK sites. Being the cradle of online gaming means there is a wide range of casinos to pick from. However, where does one begin when searching for Thai language titles?

There are a few things that most players look at when picking a casino. For starters, the welcome bonus must be lucrative, with fair wagering terms. It is also a plus if a casino can offer other generous prizes like cash, exotic trips and loyalty programs.

Mobile casinos are compatible, user-friendly and accessible from anywhere. Previous studies show that 87% of gamers in the UK prefer playing live tables from their mobile devices.

Above all, the best Thai language live casinos must be licensed and regulated by a known authority like UKGC. This ensures that all financial and personal data is protected.

Thai gamblers in the UK love interactive gaming

It is no secret that Thai punters love thrilling and engaging games. A good number enjoy playing online slots but an even larger number of players also enjoy live sites. After all, playing live means chatting with the dealer and commenting on other players, in Thai.

Potential of native language live games

If you are looking into live casino gaming, ensure to only visit reliable casinos with a UKGC license. While most live tables are hosted by English-speaking dealers, more titles in other languages have been added to live casino sites. This comes as good news for all gamblers coming from non-English states.

Popular games have now been localized but we can expect more game developers to venture into native-language games. More Thai gamers from other nations can also access UK casinos, as long as their currency jurisdiction allows it.

Testing the games is fun

In conclusion, the only way to find top Thai live casinos is by playing as many as you can. Or at least, until one finds a compelling game with fast-paced action and charming dealers.

Thai is spoken by over 40 million people across the world. Some casinos will refer to it as Siamese language, but it is the same thing. Interestingly, Thai is more of a tonal language with 5 tone variations. This means a dealer on Thai roulette games by Evolution might not speak in a similar way to a croupier for roulette by another developer.

It is amazing how linguistics has transformed the gambling industry. For once, people from different nationalities can enjoy several games in their native language, from one casino.  Google translate is a powerful tool but using it to translate English games to Thai can be an uphill task. That is why choosing an online casino that supports your fluent spoken native language is important.

Even English gamblers who are interested in Thai-language games can give it a try. Linguistic experts agree that Thai is an easy language to learn since it does not change with gender or tense.


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