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Cleaning Wool Area Rugs by Alexey Khobot

Alexey Khobot

In most countries around the world, who can forget rural problem of mud and sand, plaster of Paris or cement in it’s fiber and polish… rugs.

The auto industry called them old automobile oil residue or spillages.

“As a matter of fact, we wear shoes with oil when we ride. It is considered normal in many countries. Very harmful for our feet.” says Alexey Khobot.

As with carpet’s, wool is sensitive to moisture and water are used in this textile all over the world to keep wool from not responding to water and dryness. Wool is far more resistant to oil than nylon, polyester and polypropylene. Every continental country is different in its method of cleaning woolen rugs, but most are issues more of dirt, soil and sand with a deep pile, because for most of us, living in a home with a carpet is a permanent new home.

The distortion of woolen includes woolen warranty period, woolens cleaning of patterns, woolen stains, padding placed too heavy, detergents used too much and a lot more.

But, anyway, Alexey Khobot says it’s time we take some things into consideration.

Firstly, never use water to clean woolen rugs, but only vacuuming, because woolen rugs hold 90% of dirt. But if there is a spillage, and it’s woolen rug, contact your carpet cleaner immediately, because, we must say, taking the woolen rug outside seek a carpet cleaner; the longer, the better. Scrub in your own-time as soon as possible moreover, woolen rugs may be slippery together with water, even water glass cleaners have no affect on woolen, wood and clay.

Never use cleaning solutions with synthetic fibers, even for woolen rugs, because they will definitely damage the natural beauty of the woolen rug. Often, the people who don’t know how to clean their own rugs, use shampoo and detergents, which is good for natural wax.

Check, also, if a cleaning solution can be mixed with water and applied using a sponge, or a brush… would be better for your own rug, even if you know how to clean woolen rugs.

Pour the solution first in the corn and let it settle. Once it becomes sudsy, brush it on the wool rug. If you want to remove any excess water, use a wet/dry vacuuming.

Dry your wool rug after brushing to smoothen the nap. Hang it outside and let it be for 24 hours. You can use a soft bristled brush to clean the nap. But if you can’t find a brush that will clean your rug, a soft nosed broom will do. Rinse it with a garden hose and make sure it’s dried. Put it back on the rug or in your car.

When it comes to woolen rugs on wall. Consider the woolen fabric. Woolen fabric absorbs water, therefore is subject to mildew. If you want to prevent this kind of damage, you should do the rug laying on wooden floor. If you spread on your floor, it can have damage, it will have a shortened life. This is truly applicable if it is put near your kitchen (for energy efficiency, not that bad).

Check if you have put water in your woolen rugs, after it rainy. It is because of static moisture. It also must be dry and a hot climate. Never hang silk in the sun, because it can remove from the silk fabric.

If you want to clean woolen area rugs, we think it is enough for your woolen rugs to vacuum with HEPA (high efficiency particle arresting) over it to remove dusts, pollens and allergens. After you have vacuumed and the rug has dried, you should use a dry vacuum to remove moisture. We recommend using a dry vacuum.


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