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How To Make Home Cleaning A Breeze

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Everyone loves to have a clean home, but pouring in the hours and effort to keep everything clean and organised each day is a whole different challenge. But home cleaning can be a breeze with the right hacks and tricks. With creative cleaning and organising techniques, using the right tools and equipment, you can finally take work out of the home cleaning equation. In fact, cleaning your home may even be more enjoyable. 

This article spills some of the best-kept secrets to take the stress out of cleaning your home.

Outsource Some Cleaning Tasks

You don’t have to feel like superwoman or superman where you have to do every single chore repeatedly, all the time. Experts are there to help you out and when you outsource, they’re actually very effective at helping your home look cleaner and better. If you can hire others to help you with some aspects of your cleaning chores, go ahead and cut yourself some slack.

For instance, if you’ve been regularly waging a war on waste in your home, and the bins seem to be filling up frequently than you can keep up, then it’s time for a new strategy. It’s going to be one less chore on your part if you hire professional same-day rubbish collection services. They can visit your home as scheduled so they can take care of disposing your rubbish.

Gather All Your Cleaning Tools In A Caddy

If you’ve seen tons of moms and other cleaners on YouTube who bring around a caddy with them as they clean, that’s for a good reason. It can make cleaning so much easier and faster when you have all your cleaning tools and disinfectants with you all the time. That way, you won’t have to keep moving from one room to another to get other tools you didn’t bring.

You don’t need a fancy caddy for this. There are tons of baskets you can choose from in supermarkets and home depot stores that you can use. Just choose the size you need and the style or colour you prefer.

Clean Your Cabinets With A Vacuum

If your kitchen and bathroom have high cabinets, some areas may be too hard to reach. Yes, you can use a stool or stairs to reach such areas, but it may still be challenging to reach the very end of the cabinet to ensure the surfaces are deeply cleaned.

Don’t stress yourself. If you have a vacuum at home, maximise its attachments. The vacuum’s brush attachment can be great for picking up dust and crumbs inside high-reach areas.

Clear The Clutter First

Before you sweep, wipe or vacuum any room, start by clearing out the clutter. It’ll make cleaning a lot more difficult and longer if you always have to stop on your tracks to pick up clutter. So, it’s a good idea to start by picking up clutter and returning those things where they belong.

A good trick to apply? Set your alarm for 10 to 15 minutes. When you know you’re time-bound, it’ll help you speed up clearing clutter by moving faster from one room to the next. Get as much done as you can during those minutes. 

Clearing clutter first is also a good strategy to make your house look clean and presentable all the time. You never know when a guest suddenly comes over. They won’t really notice you haven’t wiped or vacuumed yet. But they’ll definitely be distracted by all the visual clutter that’s all over your home.

Work From Top To Bottom

Working from top to bottom is one of the best secrets to efficient cleaning. When you follow the top to bottom system, you can avoid going back and forth when you’re cleaning a device or certain areas at home. Starting from the ceiling down helps bring dust and dirt downwards. This means the top is already clean, with only the floors left for you to tackle. When you practice this strategy, you’ll be surprised at how you can speed up your chores.


With the tips above, the clean and hygienic house of your dreams is finally a reality without you ending up too exhausted to even enjoy your clean home. You don’t have to do all the cleaning yourself if your schedule and lifestyle just makes it impossible. Call in the experts, if those are available. Then, for the chores you do yourself every day, it’s all about practicing a consistent schedule and some cleaning hacks. Your weekends can finally be spent putting your feet up and relaxing, rather than doing even more cleaning.


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