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Why Property Managers Desperately Need Virtual Call Management


Property managers desperately need a flexible form of communication due to the nature of their work. Although the central office may have a landline, your employees are rarely set stagnant at a desk. With so many physical locations to oversee it can be difficult to take incoming calls causing frustration for the caller. Because of this, property managers have been named one of the top five professions to benefit from a mobile to landline solution.

Call Scheduling

Virtual call management is a relatively new concept that allows users to adopt a singular number across a range of devices. One of the most handy features for a property manager is the ability to schedule calls.

Although it is great to be able to receive mainline calls while out and about, there are times when property managers need minimal disturbance. For example, when they are conducting a viewing, it is important to concentrate on the physical customer to make the sale.

Top entrepreneurs swear by the use of a strict schedule. The most intelligent systems on the market offer an inbuilt calendar that diverts calls to other favoured devices when you aren’t available. This way the incoming call is covered but doesn’t cause an interruption.  

Unexpected Decisions

The property market is far from simple. Last minute decisions are all too common and they call for clear communication methods. According to Zoopla, the average time a buyer takes to decide on a property purchase is a mere twenty-seven minutes. Using a virtual landline, managers are able to quickly convey that a property has been taken off the market.

In contrast to this, the actual sale of a property takes up to eight months to process. Within this time, the property manager needs to give constant communication to the buyer. This should be maintained through all the different stages from acceptance to exchange.

The sale process of a property is under constant scrutiny as customers are generally dissatisfied in this sector. Over a third of buyers complain about the communication process when buying a home. Consumers crave simpler explanations of the legal details. Virtual call systems may not fix the complexity of the sale, but it can avoid excess frustration and help your customer to get in touch with the relevant person.

Shared Management

With the rise of digital accommodation platforms like AirBnb, shared management of a property is now commonplace. This is when two or more people oversee a property. AirBnb permits this trend and lets users that have gained a superhost status help out with managing nearby properties. They refer to these as trusted third party members who deal with influxes of messages and settling guests in for their stay. Entire businesses have sprung up to provide an AirBnb management service.

Mobile management of calls is essential as the host is often at the property to greet visitors. In this case, the relationship between managers is informal and they will not have an established office space to manage their work. A cheap call management plan might suit this arrangement, whereby the individuals share a professional number that is diverted to their respective devices.

Maintaining a Professional Image

There are all sorts of property managers that have different levels of professionalism. Some managers work for a professional management firm while others work as an individual freelancer. If an individual property manager doesn’t pay for office space and is currently conducting business from their mobile, they should consider a freephone number.

Buying a professional number will greatly enhance your business image and increase call rates. Businesses can choose from local, national and international numbers depending on the areas they serve. Freephone numbers don’t cost the caller anything, which is now an expected feature of a legitimate, trustworthy business. With the cost removed from the caller’s mind, people will be more likely to get in touch.


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