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Saving Money on Your Home Renovation: What You Need to Know


Doing up your home can be a costly task, but sometimes it’s necessary. Maybe you are getting ready to sell or are prepping for a new tenant if you’re a landlord. Then again, maybe you’re just sick of looking at the garish patterned wallpaper from the 70’s that’s peeling off.

Renovating on a budget is possible, with loads of ways you can save on money. Read our guide for all the best tips.

Don’t discount charity

There is one thing that our cousins across the pond have that we don’t: a massive warehouse-sized charity shop. But visiting all the twee little shops around town can be a fun day out – and well worth it. You’d be surprised at what people just give away. In the days of fast fashion, which extends to fashionable décor and even furniture, no longer are charity shops filled with the relics of previous decades, but modern pieces that you could see in your own home. And depending on what you’re buying, smaller items can be in the pennies.

You can also visit charity furniture shops for some larger items. Freestanding lamps can be as little as £10, and you can buy a set of chest of drawers for around £30. Ikea can’t beat those prices, and often not the quality. Furniture is particularly attractive from charity shops, since a lot of older pieces are coming back into fashion, allowing you an extravagance that would be far more costly in an antique store.

And remember that an old piece can look new again in a modern room.

Put away your belongings

Speaking of furniture, it can really get in the way of the renovation process. If you are having trouble navigating around coffee tables and sofas to paint your walls or hang wallpaper, it might be better to put it away. The cost of self storage, especially for a temporary amount of time, is surprisingly low, and it will mean that your furniture doesn’t get in the way of any paint, spackle, or mechanical saws that might be around.

A very simple, practically free renovation is to put away a lot of your stuff. Marie Kondo is famous for a reason: there’s just something about the minimalist style that clears your mind. If, for example, you’re a book lover who is drowning in paper you just can’t part with, you can store your books in storage or put away all those heavy coats and jackets that won’t allow you to fit your bikini in your wardrobe, until the colder months.

Give your furniture a makeover

In this eco-friendly world, the catchphrase is “Reuse, recycle, reduce”, and that goes for even your furniture.

Reduce isn’t so much a player in renovation, but if you are looking to perhaps replace or move out some furniture, you can either put your furniture into self-storage, if it’s dear to you, or donate it to a furniture charity shop.

In the meantime, your much-loved furniture can be given a makeover to fit your new renovations. This can be small things like buffing out scratches or giving wooden furniture a fresh coat of varnish, or you can join the upcycling craze and paint your furniture a bold new colour. There are lots of guides online showing you how to turn a drab flat-pack piece of furniture into a statement piece in your room. It’s a good tip for renters who might want to inject some colour into their home without having to paint the walls, or for parents who are nesting for a new addition to the family.


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