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A Bioethanol Fireplace – An Eco-Friendly and Modern Fireplace


The notion of choosing eco-friendly products has increased tremendously in recent years. Traditional wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are continuously decreasing in popularity, and are replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives. It, therefore, makes great sense to look into installing a bioethanol fireplace or built in electric fireplace in your home. Or maybe changing your wood burning stove for an eco-friendlier alternative, simply by placing a bioethanol burner grate into your existing traditional fireplace.

A built in electric fireplace – great choice for renovation

If you’re renovating your home and you’re thinking about installing a fireplace, looking into a built in electric fireplace might be the right solution for your renovation project or DIY project. With a built-in electric fireplace, there is a variety of options for you. It’s possible to choose a built-in electric fireplace with a view of the flames from one side, but if you’re looking for something extra, built in electric fireplaces also come as a four-sided built in electric fireplace, where it’s possible to see the flames from four sides. Built in electric fireplaces also come as a 3D electric fireplace which creates a fantastic modern flame, and it gives the flame a very realistic look. That will for sure be a great, eye-catching feature for your renovation project.

Installation of built in electric fireplace

A built in electric fireplace is easy to build into a wall, and you avoid a lot of wasted space! An electric fireplace does not need any ventilation or a chimney, and it’s therefore great for a renovation or DIY project at home. It only needs to be connected to a power outlet. With an electric fireplace, you avoid the hassle of cleaning the fireplace frequently as it does not emit any soot or smoke. This means that you can easily enjoy the heat and flames from the fireplace without maintenance. Does it get any easier than that?

Bioethanol Fireplace or Electric Fireplace?

Maybe if an electric fireplace is not the right solution for you, a bioethanol fireplace might be. Bio ethanol fires come in a variety of different models, designs, shapes, sizes, and colours. They are also available in a wall mounted fireplace model, ceiling mounted bioethanol fireplace or freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. A bioethanol fire can create warmth and cosiness, and with autumn and winter approaching, it makes great sense to start looking for either an ethanol fire or an electric fireplace. However, it’s important to remember that a bio fuel fire does not radiate heat the same way an old and traditional stove does. But a bioethanol fire, as well as an electric fireplace, will increase the room temperature by a few degrees. So, no matter the model, the fireplace will certainly add that final cosy touch to a home and room. When planning a renovation or DIY project, it’s also great to have a plan before renovating your home, and this includes the installation of your built in electric fireplace or bioethanol fireplace as well.


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