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Five Interesting Security Film Applications


When considering security, most people skip over the windows by assuming that the installed alarm system will be enough to deter most intruders.  While this may be true, the windows are often considered an easy point of access to a house and some extra deterrent isn’t a bad idea.

Enter security film for improved home security!

If you aren’t familiar with security film, it may help to think of a tinted window on a car. Security film is similar, just with the added benefits of beefing up your commercial or home security system by making the windows more difficult to enter.

With the glass harder to break, the intrusion is less likely to happen via window or at least will be delayed. The film comes in varying degrees of thickness that correspond to the level of protection offered; the thicker the film, the higher the protection.

While that is the traditional use for security film; there are also some less traditional uses for security film that go beyond preventing break-ins:

1.)  Minimizing Damage By Outside Forces

Along the lines of improving the business or home security, windows can have security film applied to them to stop or reduce the chance of the glass breaking in the case of a bomb blast, natural disaster, or vandalism.

The thinner film would be less effective here as the strength of the film is related to the thickness. Thicker film will have a higher tear, puncture, and break strength than the thinner film will and will be less likely to break at impact. If this is the purpose of installing security film, an in depth consultation should be done to determine the proper film since there are quite a few variables that need to be considered.

The same goes for being in a natural disaster zone and wanting to minimize breaking glass; an expert is best consulted so they can determine the most effective type for your needs.

Security film can also be applied to car windows to reduce glass breaking in the case of a break-in, natural disaster, or any kind of attack.

If you are applying to your car specifically to prevent an attack or need bullet protection on your building; looking for bullet proof film is your best bet. as it is made to handle ballistics and varies from film used for security purposes.

2.) Easing Graffiti Clean Up

While this may not be a widespread problem, in the areas where vandalism is the normal, cleaning up or replacing windows can get old. Especially when it has to be done repeatedly.

Applying anti-graffiti film can minimize both the cost and the damage.

Security film is typically applied to the inside of the window where this film is designed to be applied to the outside so it takes the damage and can be removed then replaced. Anti-graffiti film doesn’t provide adequate protection against a break in or damage, so applying both kinds may be necessary if there are concerns over glass breaking.

3.) Stay Cool and Block UV Rays

Whether you have a sunroom in your home or are on the road driving, sometimes a little extra help beyond the AC system can be useful to stay cool.

By providing a specialised layer of protection, heat can be reduced without touching the thermostat.

Along with cooling you down, a security film can also protect you from UV rays that can cause damage to your skin, car interior, or furnishings in an area that gets a lot of sun. Most people spend a lot of time driving without considering the sun exposure they are getting that can cause skin cancer, especially on the drivers’ side of the body.

Unless your car is constantly garaged, the interior is also exposed to the same UV rays for extended periods of time, causing interior damage and breakdown of material. The same goes for furniture in rooms that receive a high amount of sun and while those are pleasant to sit in; it takes a toll on the furniture.

4.) Reduces Glare

Reducing glare probably isn’t something you think about, until you are driving into the sun or holding a meeting and not everyone can see as they squint against it. While pulling the blinds down will easily solve that problem, having a security film on the window will allow you to enjoy the light without the glare.

Glare on the road-whether it’s from oncoming headlights or the sun- can be a safety issue, potentially causing accidents.

5.) Provides Privacy

Not everyone can live with their neighbors staring at every move they make and privacy fences aren’t always an option. Security film can provide privacy and make it harder for people looking at your house or business to see what is happening in your daily life.

This can also help with home security as burglars are less able to track your movements or tell if someone is home if they can’t look through the windows.

Security film goes beyond being a protection only application to your windows, although business and home security do rank high on the priority list. However, it can also be used for other purposes or you can multipurpose it and gain both security and comfort.

Whenever you do decide to apply security film, it’s important to go through a trusted professional and to get a thorough consultation where your needs are discussed.



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