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Detail Configurations and Specifications of Intercom Systems for Buildings


An electrical gadget called an intercom system permits two-way audio/video transmission. Over time, cellular communication and digital telephone networks have surpassed the usage of intercom systems. However, this does not imply that intercom systems are obsolete in the modern world. Intercom systems have several uses, including enabling communication inside a facility and boosting security by guarding entrance/exit points. BAS-IP Company gives the best intercom system for building that help in communication with far people. In addition to its customizable color and style options, BAS-IP entrance panels also provide many other benefits.

Below are some examples of the many intercom system types:

Intercoms with wires

Because they promote privacy and remove any chance of interruption, wired intercoms are the conventional intercom of choice. These systems often use Cat 5/6 or 2-wire shielded cables. Because there is less interference when utilizing analog connections, wired systems are ideal for video systems because they provide a clean and constant visual output.

Cellular intercoms

There are several benefits to wireless intercoms over their wired counterparts. First, installation is more straightforward, and second, working with intricate wiring is challenging. Several two-way wireless communication tools are available, including portable radios, desktop gadgets, and outdoor call boxes. The simplicity and mobility of this kind of intercom system are combined, but it is sensitive to interference from other wireless devices.

Intercom systems with video

A device with speakers and cameras is generally put at a door entry in video intercoms. The TFT monitor of an internal device shows what the camera views. This kind of intercom system might be handy when confirming a person’s identification before providing admission within an entrance point.

Dual-mode radios

Two-way radios can interact with base station intercoms even though they aren’t often considered intercom systems. This allows you to communicate over great distances while enjoying the advantages of a fixed intercom.

Intercom systems for apartments

An intercom at the front door is a characteristic of apartments and flats. Each apartment may include various devices that allow residents to communicate with visitors at the door and potentially even see them. For instance, a visitor may press the button they wish to talk to in an apartment, and the tenant will reply by pressing the button to open the door.

Features of IP Intercom System for Building

All data transmission for IP intercoms occurs via IP. The same excellent video and audio are available to all linked rooms. The kind and quality of the cable being used are essential. Compared to conventional intercoms, IP intercom systems need less wiring. Many of these networks use CAT5/6 cable.

Power over Ethernet (POE) switches, an inside unit, and a control panel make up an IP intercom. This substance is unnecessary for purposes other than those listed above. All incoming calls are recorded by sensors located within the residence. All of the flats in the building have linked phones. If users decide they do not want to utilize a specific software feature, they may turn it off. IP intercom systems now make it feasible to take quick pictures. While you are gone, this system captures the picture of everyone who enters your house or business, allowing you to constantly be aware of who is there.

Internet accessibility

Today’s intercom systems often include internet access. Your intercoms may connect to the Wi-Fi in your house or place of business to communicate, and it also provides a simple method to add video and remote access to your system from anywhere in the globe.

Additionally, your intercom may be compatible with your current virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant, if it has access to your house or business’ Wi-Fi network. Check each system’s compatibility separately.

Remote entry

Remote access is one of the modern intercom systems’ most valuable capabilities. Most remote access solutions connect to your mobile devices through an app and an internet connection. You may access and operate your intercom systems directly from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are in the globe, provided that you have data service or Wi-Fi.

Calling through video

By enabling companies and house owners to precisely see who is at the front entrance or gate without having to depend on hearing, they enhance organizations’ security.


An intercom system installation project might be pricey. Many businesses and homeowners decide to start small with just two or three intercom stations to save money and evaluate the system’s efficacy. What if it succeeds and they decide to grow?

Installing more stations sometimes requires significant rewiring or configuration changes. Make sure you can easily add extra stations to your intercom system as required, especially for expanding enterprises.

Selecting the ideal intercom system for your needs

Choose the appropriate form of intercom system that best suits your unique applications if you have a solid grasp of what intercom systems are. Contact BAS-IP if you need clarification on which intercom will suit your needs the best so that they may provide a recommendation.

Last Word

Intercom systems now provide us with several additional features besides opening doors. BAS-IP provides the most effective building intercom system. Using audio and video communication in building management and security makes it possible to provide the finest services.


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