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How to Improve Home Security With Ease


Tips For Homeowners

When you buy your first home for your family, you will want to make sure it is safe.

In 2023, as the world becomes more interconnected, people who own their own homes are more likely to face a range of security threats that can jeopardise their property and the safety of their loved ones.

Of course, there are an array of effective ways that you can enhance your home’s security, which will give you a chance to really relax when you’re not there and will safeguard against potential threats or risks. The best part is that these upgrades will not make your home look like a prison and will usually be discrete, thereby offering you and the others who dwell in your home peace of mind.

So, where is the best place to begin? This article will guide you through some of the best tips to use to improve your home’s security.

Install a Comprehensive Alarm System

The first step is, of course, to install an alarm system.

This can start with something as simple as a Ring doorbell or an anti-loitering alarm, which can be installed by a company like mosquitoloiteringsolutions.com.

Most modern alarms are visually discrete and offer an array of features, such as being able to be linked to a smart home system, door and window sensors, motion detection, and, of course, surveillance cameras. So, if you are out and any of the sensors get triggered, the system will alert you and, typically, the monitoring service, which will deter the intruders as well as notify the police. Therefore, even if you aren’t home, someone is going to be on their way to your home to stop any robberies.

Reinforce the Doors and The Windows

As mentioned before, the key entry points to any property, all the doors and windows, and so, they will require some special attention. You can reinforce your exterior doors with sturdy, plastic frames as well as high-quality locks and deadbolts if you are particularly concerned about security. If possible, it may be worth replacing the entire front door and investing in a door that has a peephole, as this will allow you to identify any visitors before opening the door. For windows, it is best to install shatter-resistant glass or window bars for extra protection. However, when it comes to window bars, there is the issue of safety during a fire, so most homeowners choose not to have those fitted. Plus, they will make your home look like a prison!

Outdoor Lights

There is a reason why most burglaries happen at night! Illuminating the exterior of your home is an effective tactic to deter criminals and prevent your property from being broken into. Motion-activated lights will startle intruders and will also alert you of any suspicious activity happening outside your property. Try to illuminate dark corners of your garden, pathways, and access points, which will eliminate all potential hiding spots. Should your home be broken into it, the lights will give the cameras something to pick up clearly, hopefully leading to a swift and easy prosecution of the intruder(s).

Are You In?

If you are going away from your home from a holiday, you should create the illusion that your house is occupied, much like in the movie Home Alone. You can use timers to control indoor and outdoor lights or even your television, giving the appearance that you are there. Ask a family member, or a friend to collect your mail, as this is often something that is looked for when assessing if somebody is home.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

It is important at the first point to secure your valuables. 

Keep them away from the window, and invest in a fireproof and waterproof safe, for those important documents, as well as jewellery. You should aim to keep this hidden, usually in a wall or somewhere more insidious, such as underneath a floorboard.

Toughen Up Your Garage

A garage will often contain electrical tools, equipment, and, of course, either a car, a motorbike, or both. So, be sure that you install your garage with strong locks, as well as have a garage door sensor, as this will alert you if the door is left open. In 2023, there are garage sensors that can be connected to your smartphone via an app, so you can be alerted of activity near your car(s) even if you are on holiday. You should also not put your garage door opener inside your car, as this can allow potential thieves access to your home with the push of a button!


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