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Infrastructure of modern sport betting


Online sports betting followed the popularization of the online casinos. Intertops became the first site that offered online sport services with it being launched as early as 1996. The already available bookmakers easily created websites while numerous companies came into play. Like the introduction of casinos, the online sport betting field was more competitive and operators introduced bonuses, odds, and free bets with the aim to attract even more customers. 

Some years later, a lot of online bookmakers came up with live betting enabling their customers to place wagers as the game happens. This added more to the modern betting popularity making it superior than the traditional and land based bookmakers. Today, almost every individual interested in betting prefers modern betting. You can try it yourself here smartbettingguide.com, and see how this option becomes a sudden appeal for the masses.

What to look for when you are searching for a good online betting site

There are various modern betting sites available in the market today and as it is, this makes it difficult for bettors to figure out which one is the best. However, if you look at these factors, you can easily find a good website for you.

Odds offered

A good site should offer competitive odds in all of the sports offered. This is a factor when it comes to betting because then you will know which site to engage with.


A website has to be of good quality for you to choose to use it as your betting platform. Usually, players will spend a lot of their time going through the sites they wish to open a betting account with. This makes the web interface of the site an important factor. Also, quality comes in when a player has access to the site. A quality site is designed such that a player can easily navigate through it. This means that the loading time of the page should be little, and the page has to be responsive. 

Welcome bonus

Different betting sites offer various promotions and as a bettor, you have to find the one that offers the best bonus. Some offer free bets and sometimes risk free bets. Alternatively, a site can impose less deposit on particular games and you should always go for this if there is no free welcome bonus offered.

Customer service

This above all is the most important aspect for you to consider when choosing the best site. This is because sometimes you might have a question to raise and therefore having a reliable site where you can get instant feedback can be advantageous.

Best modern betting sites

It is challenging to find the best modern betting site even though there are several of them. As these sites become more, bettors and sports fans look for a legitimate and reliable sportsbook. However, this article has simplified the process of looking for a good betting site by listing a few options for you. 

  1. Betway
  2. William Hill
  3. 888sport
  4. BetVictor
  5. Ladbrokes

In summary, modern betting started way back and since then, it has attracted a lot of attention from the bettors. Unlike the traditional betting where you can only access games by visiting a casino physically, this platform gives you an opportunity to play whenever you are. Also, its popularity and availability in almost all countries makes it a more convenient and reliable method of betting.


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