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The Role of Technology in The Casino Business


Technological advancements have profoundly revolutionized almost all industries across the globe. The gambling and casino industry is no exception. 

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Over a short period of time, the casino industry has established its online presence and continues to adopt various innovative technologies to fulfill the ever-growing demands of new and existing gamblers. Enthusiastic gamblers can now access their favorite casino games, thanks to the availability of high-speed internet and portable devices. 

The rapid advancements in technology have made it possible for payment gateways to add a vast range of payment options. In a bid to offer a seamless gambling experience, most online casinos accept cryptocurrencies. To experience the impacts of technology in the casino business, you may want to check smartcasinoguide.com

Technology has really changed the casino business and is likely to change the entire gambling scenario in a few years. This post will discuss the role of technology in the casino business and how the integration of technology has reshaped the industry. Keep reading!

Online Casino Gaming

The shift towards online platforms is one of the most significant changes in the casino business. 

Technological advancements propelled by the rise of the internet have dramatically transformed the industry’s landscape while aiding its success. The availability of high-end smartphones and affordable computers has helped casinos reach a vast audience. 

Online casinos provide an interactive and mesmerizing betting experience. Players can easily and quickly visit their preferred casino sites online and play their favorite casino games anywhere, anytime. 

Thanks to technological enhancements, enthusiastic gamblers don’t need to wait in turn to access various casino games. Interestingly, online casinos have better graphics and crystal clear audio to provide a 3D engaging gaming ambience. 

Improved Security

Security is a major concern where money is involved. Technology helps in preserving the integrity of gaming activities while ensuring top-notch security. 

The availability of online casinos has abolished fraud risks associated with brick and mortar casinos. With online casinos, you have access to many cashless options. 

The role of technology in improving cybersecurity to protect consumer personal and financial data is indispensable. When playing your favorite casino games online, you don’t have to worry about safety and security as long as you are dealing with a licensed platform. Online casinos use superior firewalls and SSL encryption technology to ensure user data is not vulnerable. A good casino online game should have a security aspect to protect their user account such as:


Encryption is a way to maintain the confidentiality of data by changing readable data (plaintext) to unreadable (ciphertext) using specific algorithms and keys. This encryption is a way to keep the data on our smartphones confidential. Some operating systems have an encryption feature where the user can select data to stay hidden.

ID verification

Account Verification is the primary registration process for users to obtain status as verified users. Can send a six-digit verification code via SMS, or if you are an Android, BlackBerry or iPhone user, you can use an application called Google Authenticator, which generates a code. This application works by accessing a Google account on our cell phone, then scanning the personal barcode on the screen using our cell phone camera.

Long passwords are not enough. If you haven’t activated the 2-step verification feature on your online accounts, it’s time to start it. Because a complex and lengthy password is not enough to prevent hackers from breaking into our accounts, logging in via an unencrypted Wi-Fi network while using a public hotspot can also be an opening for hackers to snoop on our stores.

Hackers can also peek at our passwords using a keylogger (a spy program that can record what we type on the keyboard). Or hackers can perform social engineering techniques through phishing to trick users into giving their identity.

Unfortunately, many people haven’t used this 2-step verification feature. They are too lazy to activate it because they feel bothered to log in twice.


TLS is Transport Layer Security that secures data privacy. At the same time, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which refers to a type of digital security that allows encrypted communication between websites and web browsers.

But not many people know that SSL is no longer used and has been entirely replaced by TLS. The TLS certificate serves to secure sensitive information, such as personal data, payment, or login information, during the transmission process. Digitally, the way SSL works is by locking a cryptographic key to the company information that you want to identify. Data will also be appropriately encrypted during the transfer process so that third parties cannot enter and steal sensitive information.

TLS also has a session key for each unique secure session. When a visitor types an SSL secured URL address into the web browser field or opens a protected page, the browser and web server will establish a connection. Any server can pretend to be your server, stealing all information sent through your website. Here TLS allows you to display the server’s identity so that visitors or clients can know who you are.

Casinos Uses Crypto

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular around the world as many industries are adopting it. 

Gone are the days when punters had a few payment options. Many online casinos are now accepting cryptocurrency, which promises excellent security with its blockchain technology. 

Blockchain technology offers a loop to escape the shady practices that may happen in the casino business. The use of cryptocurrency provides gamblers with the most sought-after anonymity. Cryptocurrencies also protect your identity against any bank and other third parties. 

Considering that casino sites use RNG software to guarantee fair gameplay, cryptocurrency users will have the most enjoyable, anonymous crypto betting experience. The use of crypto eliminates any possible sort of discrimination.

In Vietnam, gaming company RubieCon cornered the social casino market in Southeast Asia. The provider offers a digital version of the local, playable card game for blockchain tokens – in a unique and attractive social format that allows it to dominate the sector.

Rubie also uses blockchain as a core component in its independent foundation-run platform, an open and accessible tool for game publishers, marketers and players to build social gaming models.

Meanwhile, in Europe, crypto casinos have been developing aggressively across the continent. Crypto has been simplified with the support of independent testing and licensing authorities such as the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance bodies (eCOGRA) and the International Gaming Laboratory.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years and is profoundly transforming the casino business. It is one of the most advanced technological upgrades that provides players with an interactive and immersive gaming experience. 

VR technology is taking the casino business to a whole new level by delivering the ultimate gaming experience mimicking the experience of playing at a real-world casino. Interestingly, this technology is available in high-end smartphones. With a VR headset, you can now get the taste of 3D interfaces, impressive graphics, and outstanding audio quality. 

Considering the influence of VR in the casino business, it makes perfect sense to say that it is the industry’s future, offering endless possibilities.

Augmented Reality & Online Casino

This technology uses an authentic environment where various digital elements are added. Think Pokemon Go or the filters you can find on Snapchat. Just like VR, players need a headset and controller for this.

Augmented Reality can take the world of online casinos to the next level. For example, players will not only see the dealer enter, but they will also see each other playing the online blackjack game together.

Will also use detailed picture effects and realistic sound effect. In addition, players can use Augmented Reality to store natural objects in the digital world, such as playing cards. Apart from that, they can click the slot machine button and more.

AR will ensure that players can play in a 360 ° environment. For example, they can browse the casino and choose a table where they want to sit. Because he has an AR casino, the players don’t have to go to a real casino to get the whole casino experience.

Technology Helps to Predict Possible Harm

We are living in a data-driven era. With the help of technology, data analysts can discern where the casino business lacks and the changes needed to ensure the industry maintains its growth curve in the future. The predictions are indispensable in ensuring the casino business meets the rapidly growing needs of gamblers. 

Transaction security technology is the most important thing for now. You can use an anonymous name when playing, but financial transactions and legal terms must be permitted so that everything can be accounted for. Submitting your data and account number during the transaction will be much safer if you use verification data.

Final thoughts

It is evident that technology has transformed the casino business by increasing convenience. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also making its way into the batting and casino industry to ensure users get the best gaming experience. As technology continues to advance, it is anticipated to keep players more engaged and addicted to casino games. 

There are already several game providers that apply these two technologies in their games. For example, the most prominent game developer in the casino industry, NetEnt, has released several VR games. Microgaming slot providers also respond to VR. They were one of the first providers to develop VR roulette games. To bet on this game, players need an Oculus Rift DK 2 and a Leap Motion 3D controller.


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