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5 Best Blue Light Glasses with Best Protection


What is Blue Light?

It is a standard type of light; every natural or artificial light emits blue light. It exists in our environment, which is released by the Sun, and other digital gadgets such as smartphones, computer screens, television, and sometimes energy-producing pieces of equipment. The example of Sunlight consists of several colour combinations of orange, red, yellow, green, and blue light rays, and it changes according to the energy source and intensity and wavelength of each described light. When all of these lights are united, a spectrum is produced, called the white light phenomenon, and we usually call it Sunlight. Blue light glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

Is Blue Light Bad For You?

Recent studies concluded that being exposed to blue light for a long time is dangerous for our health, but it doesn’t mean that you totally turn your face away from smartphones or put them away. Still, no proof indicates that a bit of exposure to blue light has created long-term complications. However, minor or short-term issues are being faced which are still harmful. So we can conclude that it is dangerous if we sit in front of a screen for a long time, such as gaming or everyday office work. 

1.      Gunnar Ellipse ELL-00101

If we talk about the origin of these glasses, they are American, and Miami Beach is its birthplace. The name of these specified frames is inspired by the beaches, a favourite spot for tourists around the globe. It is a unisex frame with a round shape and classic look. Although the customers love its stylish look, almost all the structures introduced by Pacifico protect from blue light due to its lenses. Every pair of glasses consists of blue light protection lenses, a safety box, soft fabric, maintenance, and cleaning tools.


2.      Tom Ford FT5585-B

Tom Ford glasses have a vintage look with a classic frame. It provides a comfortable experience with a square joint and round bottom with a soft nose rest. The thing which makes Tom Ford the best option in the blue light blocking range is its hand-crafted frame with cellulose acetate polish and the coating of Akron on the screws to make it rust-proof.

3.      Spitfire Cut Twenty Four Brushed Tort

In the market, Spitfire has a unique standard and place. When someone wants to go for the Spitfire Cut due to its famous variety, it just means that they have made changes in the list of their choice. The name Spitfire glasses are referred to a renowned musician. It is designed in such a way that it matches with every season. It is made of a metallic round frame with a thin rim and prominent colours.

4.      Michael Kors MK2137U ANAHEIM

The one who chooses these ANAHEIM glasses of Michael Kors American brand will never have to search a lot to find the best one. It is durable with an injection frame with a particular pentagonal shape and classic design. This revolutionary look makes it most suitable for office and home. It’s the best replacement for a Ray-Ban wayfarer.

5.      Cosee C-001 TIMES Shield 09

Shield 09 is wholly designed to block blue light, and it’s a product of Cosee, which is purely an American brand. One can choose the desired frame as per their specifications from the wide range of designs available on the website of Cosee. Its Crystal Toffee frame is very famous. A silver one will be a good choice for office wear as it gives an aesthetic look.

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