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Famoid vs. PlentyGram – How to Grow Your IG Audience


Over the past few years, Instagram has grown immensely. Especially over the covid-19 pandemic, when most people were locked in homes, social media was the primary way of interaction.

Hence, today, many people use social media platforms to promote their businesses. Instagram takes the cake because it is user-friendly for influencers, and brands can also successfully promote their products and interact with customers.

This article will compare two Instagram follower gaining sites, Famoid and PlentyGram. And with so many different social media growth solutions out there to choose from, it’s very important to make sure you are spending your time, money and effort on only the ones that deliver the best results.

Why use a third-party service like Famoid or PlentyGram

Several people argue that using a third-party service is unethical, and we shouldn’t do it. However, the algorithm of Instagram is constructed in such a way that it is not friendly for new accounts. If you are working as an influencer or a small business, you will face many difficulties growing your account.

Buying Followers

The matter of buying Instagram followers is a little controversial. Yet, new accounts must grow and get a much-needed headstart. Both Famoid and PlentyGram are considered good websites to buy followers. Let’s see who is better.


Famoid and PlentyGram are well-known websites. There is not a lot of difference when we look at the claims from both of these websites. Both Famoid and PlentyGram claim to deliver legit followers in less time. Similarly. Both of the competitors offer other services such as likes and comments for Instagram.

Famoid, however, is not an exclusive service to Instagram. You can use Famoid to grow your other social media accounts as well, such as YouTube and Twitter. PlentyGram primarily only offers services that are for Instagram.


When it comes to buying followers from Instagram, reliable delivery makes a lot of difference. Famoid has got you covered in terms of seamless delivery. After making your payment, Famoid adds followers to your account almost instantly. Thus, you don’t have to keep waiting and hoping you didn’t get scammed.

PlentyGram has a decent delivery system as well. However, sometimes it can take too much time, and users have reported inconvenience in such matters.

Thus, Famoid beats PlentyGram in terms of delivery of followers.

Payment Methods

Financial security is super important nowadays. Famoid has a bunch of payment methods for its users. You can pay through credit or debit card. In case you take online security more seriously, Famoid has got you. You can pay anonymously through PayPal and SafeCharge.

PlentyGram has not mentioned their payment methods on their website, which offers standard methods.

Both websites have good and efficient payment systems. Famoid takes a little edge over PlentyGram because of anonymous payment methods.

Account security

Famoid takes the security of the users very seriously. You don’t need to provide any sensitive information to Famoid to buy followers. PlentyGram also doesn’t require your password to buy followers from them.

Thus, we can say confidently that your account will be secure with either of these services.

Instagram protocols

Instagram has an AI system that detects any unusual or bot activity on accounts. If there is a sudden increase of followers in your account, Instagram might detect it. If Instagram detects bot activity, you will be locked out of your account, and your account might be suspended. This is something you will want to remember when starting a new IG account or even when growing your existing one out.

Famoid previously used automated bots for followers. However, since Instagram has upgraded its detection protocols, Famoid uses human followers. Human-based followers are based on AI systems, and it is very likely for Instagram to detect these followers.

PlentyGram uses automated computer systems to increase followers of an account. It is more likely for Instagram to detect these followers. Some users have reported the removal of followers.

Support system

Famoid offers 24/7 online support for its users. Famoid has satisfactory rates of customer satisfaction. PlentyGram offers a good support system as well. However, it is not very efficient, and some complaints go unsolved.


Famoid and PlentyGram are both great platforms for buying followers. If you want more secure and reliable services, we suggest going with Famoid. Famoid is a safe and reliable platform. PlentyGram has some concerning reviews, making it a little hard to recommend to our readers. Hence, we recommend you go with Famoid to grow your Instagram audience.

Social media has completely changed the way businesses and brands are reaching millions of people around the world. The good news is, no matter what your reach is right now, there are always going to be new audiences and marketing methods for you to take advantage of. To learn more about such latest trends in marketing and social media, take a look at the latest featured articles on https://blogreign.com.

New content is being added daily, and you will also find plenty of information on social media growth services like Famoid and PlentyGram.


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