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Improve your warehouse lighting with led high bays


Warehouses are more or less storage spaces, an important integrative feature of any industry as this is where all the raw materials are stored, processed and later transported for production. For this reason, all warehouses are multi-purpose storage areas which need adequate lighting to maintain proper inventory and business flow.

In order to improve the lighting of warehouses, it is particularly necessary to upgrade the old light fixtures to LED high bay lights. The reason is plain and simple to facilitate the work environment and employees.

Layout of Warehouse

A warehouse has large horizontal and vertical space which needs uniform bright light that reaches all corners equally. Inside a warehouse there are multiple areas dedicated to different purposes.

Storage Area

This space is lined up with rows of storage shelves where each product is arranged according to its type. There could be different ways for different requirements of the materials. In such places, high bay lights serve as accenting light fixtures as well as general light for visibility at various elevated angles so it’s easy for workers to locate the items.

Task zone

The task zone or processing zone needs brighter light for better efficiency, in most warehouses raw materials are processed as well as packed for transportation, for this reason in task zones heavy machinery like conveyer belts are common, to accurately check the quality of material in order to dispense them for further use bright and focused light is needed right above that area.

Transport zone

The transport zone is usually located away from the rest of the zones and it is basically for transporting raw materials from and to the warehouse. This is where small vehicles are used to transport the bulk items. It needs efficient bright light for visibility.

There are several ways in which these requirements can be assessed and fulfilled by the use of LED high bays. Most of these spaces have inefficient fluorescent or halogen fixtures installed throughout the facility for bright light but as per the data assessment it is evident they are quite inefficient hence being actively replaced by LEDs.

In what ways LED high bays can improve the warehouse lighting?

LED high bay fixtures are the same as traditionally used high bay fixtures usually employed for high ceiling areas above 20 feet and reaching 40 feet except that they are much more efficient in all aspects; physical and technical. Here are a few specifications which are a great determinant of ways in which LED high bays improve the lighting layout of warehouses.

●    Technical features

The built and design features of LED high bays determine their efficiency which are:

Lightweight durable housing

The housing of the high bay is made up of die-cast aluminum, which is lightweight and highly resistant against various environmental factors like chemicals, temperature, moisture.

It is lightweight hence easy to transport and install.

Enhanced optical features

LEDs are designed specifically to replace HID lamps, they have high lumen output and adjustable beam angle which spreads uniform bright light over a specific area without wasting any light.

●     Installation options

High Bay lights are available in two installation options:

●      The surface mounted

There are mounting brackets placed at the back of the fixtures which allow the fixture to install on the ceiling surface by hooks. 

●      Suspend mounted:

These fixtures can also suspend from ceilings through chains and pendants if the ceiling design is different.

●     Design options

LED high bays are available in two designs:

Linear and high round bays.

Linear high bay fixtures are particularly large fixtures of size ranging from 4 to 8 feet, whereas high round bays are smaller and known as UFO high bays but are just as efficient for particularly smaller spaces.

They can be used alternatively around the warehouse.

The design features increase efficiency for heat dissipation and reduces maintenance costs.


Assessing these specifications, LED high bays are smart and efficient in many ways. They produce ambient light on a spectrum which is environment-friendly, the correlated colour temperature allows colour variation from warm yellow to cool white light in a range of 2500K to 6000K. The CRI of LEDs is above 80 so the light is not only bright and efficient but also it does not cause glare like many fluorescent fixtures. These lights are quite cost-effective for business owners in the long-run.


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