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The Impact of Digital Technology in Cryptocurrency


Digital technology has had a significant impact in various industries, and an online sport betting is no different. The top sports betting sites worldwide are making their platform more enjoyable and easier to use. Digital technology has improved sports betting by incorporating the latest technology, providing efficient customer service and giving customers the best gambling experience. 

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Figures by Statista shows that sports betting as of 2020 were worth $218 billion, and as technology progresses, sports betting companies will use it to outshine competitors. The latest additions to online casinos and sportsbooks were quickly adopted. Here are five ways digital technology has allowed bookies to give clients the best experience using digital technology. 

Mobile Betting 

According to BankMyCell, the world had more than 3.5 billion smartphone owners, and over 80% of the internet traffic was driven by mobile devices. You no longer have to be on your PC to place your bet or play casino games. An excellent online betting company offers a seamless transition from PC to mobile; the betting experience should be more or less the same. 

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Through the mobile app, bettors now have access to a complete betting package with live betting, virtual sports, live scores and more. Some online betting companies offer mobile-only bonuses and promotions. 

Besides, sports betting mobile apps make work easier for punters by giving the latest match updates, team analysis, statistics and even sports news. Mobile tech companies have developed devices with powerful processors and battery life to withstand long hours of online gaming. 


The increase in the use of Blockchain has also had a significant impact on the sports betting industry. More and more sports betting companies are developing an interest in decentralized finance and crypto payments. Blockchain provides betting companies the ability to facilitate speedy and low-cost transactions.

 The competition for customers in the betting industry will see more companies offer various cryptocurrency options for easy withdrawals and deposits. Crypto is transparent and borderless and can be used anywhere in the world. With Blockchain, all gaming activities, including wins, losses and pay-outs, are recorded on the blockchain ledger. The benefits of using Blockchain for sports betting include; 

  • Transparency
  • Fast deposits/withdrawals 
  • Low transaction cost
  • Safe and secure 
  • Borderless   

Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality are changing the sports betting industry in a big way. Most top bookies are adopting these technologies to help provide bettors with a thrilling betting experience. 

The two technologies help to predict various possible outcomes based on statistics. Virtual Reality helps punters to select pitches, players and courts. With these technologies, gamblers are betting on specific aspects like breakdowns, efficiency and speed. However, players need to stay updated with the latest technology to use lóverseny fogadás and other sports sites before placing bets.  

Live betting and eSports 

Digital technology helps bettors’ access information about ongoing sporting events instantly. Betting companies have harnessed advanced algorithms to help calculate betting odds on live events. New segments like ‘who will score the next goal?’, ‘Next corner,’ ‘Next yellow card’ give bettors a chance to make instant cash. 

Esports is a relatively new feature in the sports betting industry. It is a virtual sport that allows punters to participate in video game tournaments with gamers worldwide. Professional esports players earn higher incomes than real-life sports bettors. With sophisticated tech devices, esports bettors can make huge profits throughout the day. 

Customer Service Experience 

A sport betting is a 24-hour activity that requires an efficient customer support system. Digital technology has made responding to queries and offering advice on using certain features easy. Apart from communications through email, mobile number or social media, most sports betting companies have a live chat feature. That way, gamblers can get real-time personalized customer support. 

The advancement of digital tech also helps sports betting companies track customer behaviour to offer personalized customer service. They also have sensors installed on their websites to help the bookie detect all kinds of fraud activities. Additionally, most top sports betting companies use military-grade encryptions and tokenization to secure customer payments details and prevent fraud. 

Secure Gaming Platforms

Online sports betting have been battling the challenge of data breaches by hackers. Online sports betting companies have put up measures that ensure customers’ information is secure and protected at all times. When signing up to any sports betting website, you must provide personal information before you can be granted access to games. 

Technological progress on data safety has enabled online casinos to provide reliable platforms resistant to all forms of hacks or illegal activities. Online sports betting companies now offer flexible features, including payment options that allow customers to make transactions anytime. 

Punters now have multiple banking options, including credit and credit cards, American Express, Neteller, Skrill, cryptocurrencies, among others. Bitcoin is slowly growing to be the most efficient means of transaction in sports betting. Such options motivate bettors to leverage technological advancements in placing bets and funding games. 


Digital tech has played an enormous role in the growth and development of online sports betting. Now bettors are not restricted to placing bets on PC as they can bet through the mobile app. Whether you know a particular sport or not, you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make your predictions. Digital tech has also improved data security through software and hardware installed by bookies. Through crypto-currency, payments and withdrawals are fast, safe and secure. 


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