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After some months of home learning, students return to school


For the first time in two months, millions of English children and teens returned to school on Monday after enduring their second lengthy period of home learning due to a stringent nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.The reopening of English schools to all students is the first phase in a four-stage government plan to lift the lockdown while avoiding a new outbreak of illnesses following a devastating winter storm that put hospitals under extreme strain.

Social Contact Restricted

Since the outbreak began, the United Kingdom has recorded 124,500 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test, the world’s fifth-highest official death toll and the worst in Europe.Adults in England are still under lockdown, with social contact severely restricted, people ordered to stay at home unless necessary, most stores shuttered, and cafes and restaurants limited to takeaway or delivery.

On Twitter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated, “Getting all schools back has been our priority and the first part of our roadmap back to normality.”The reopening of schools is a tremendous relief for millions of parents who have been juggling full-time childcare and full-time employment for months.COVID restrictions, such as not being able to socialize with children outside of a rigorously defined “bubble,” staggered entrances and departures, and frequent hand-washing, are enforced when primary school students return to their classrooms and playgrounds.

Limitations to Follow

The criteria for secondary schools and their students are more stringent. Teenagers are being mass-tested for COVID and are compelled to wear face covers in class, which is a logistical nightmare for schools.Despite these limitations, parents, teachers, child psychologists, social workers, and the general public agree that returning back to school uk is critical for their mental health, education, and prospects.

In the spring and early summer of 2020, when Britain was under its first stringent national COVID lockdown, most students missed more than three months of school.Only children considered fragile or whose parents were identified as “important workers” by the government were allowed to attend school during the first shutdown, as they were during the most recent one. However, they did not have regular classes since the teachers were too preoccupied with coordinating remote learning for the rest of the students.

We asked them to describe how they are feeling, how their lives have altered, and how they are dealing with these issues.

Thoughts of Students

Please don’t bring up the subject of online classes. It’s fun to go to school. There are a few differences, though: you can’t embrace the professors because they always wear masks, and you can’t hug your friends either, though we occasionally break this rule. Breaks are cut short, and we must wash our hands numerous times.

You are also not permitted to lend something to others. Because the water dispensers are shut off, I’m bringing water in a bottle. Still, going to school is beneficial. We’re going over the same subject from last year, and I understand everything in class better than I did in the online lesson. We have a new game called Coronobana,” which is similar to a catch game.

I didn’t have access to a computer, so I used my phone to take online lessons. We had the option of writing the homework in the workbook and then photographing it or typing it on the keyboard.

We were missing lessons due to technical issues with the internet or electricity; today we will cover those things as well. I’m glad to be back at school; it’s been boring at home, and I’ve missed my friends, so I’m glad to see them again.

Going to school is preferable

Online programmes sounded appealing at first, but I now believe that attending classes is preferable. During online lessons, we could only see the teacher’s face, which made our eyes fatigued and made us miss human interaction. The tests were, however, cancelled, which was a good thing.

I’m back in school now. During this time, my pals became taller. I’m excited to return to school since I’ll be able to see and speak with my classmates. I am having a good time during my breaks, but we must all remember to be cautious. We must avoid contracting the virus or passing it on to others. Yes, we have a lot of schoolwork, but that does not bother me. I enjoy school and am content. If the online classes are reinstated,


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