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Reasons Why PHP and Python Rules the World of Web Development


Ease of learning

Simplicity is a rather controversial topic in the programming world. Why is this so? Isn’t simplicity an advantage? this is true, but more seasoned programmers will argue with you. According to them, if you take the easy path and learn an easy and simplified programming language as the first, you lose the whole point of programming philosophy. You miss out on the opportunity to develop your logical thinking skills and miss out on the opportunity to learn to program “the right way.” For python application development it’s rather useful option.

While this view has many merit, the numbers speak for themselves. Every day, more and more people are choosing languages ​​like Python or HTML in order to start woeking with them. There are certain trends on the labour market, and those languages which are easy to be studied are rather popular.

Community support

Favorite programming language can be kept with strong community. There are certain ways to do this. In order to help beginners learn the language faster there are online materials. It is not possible to learn a programming language on the high level in case if the user didn’t find information about it on the Internet. Such situation may appear rather disappinting. In case of work with popular programming languages ​ there can be found a ton of useful information about them. And this information is available for everybody online. DjangoStars development company deals with all the tasks. Both software development in python and php are easier with community.


Programming language can be considered to be popular if there are certain features. First of all, should be specified community support. Every programming language is much more reliable and has a lot of the possibilities in case is there is support. It’s always nice to be able to go to the online forum for help in case if there are any issies or bugs. Well, if a programming language is not popular enough, it is unlikely that there will be many sources you can turn to for help.


Well-designed web development frameworks must be necessarily provided.They are quite easy to be uses. With the help of them can be created powerful applications. In these languages ​​there are all the possibilities for this.

Maintenance and support

This aspect is rather important. It shows the ability of a programming language to synchronize with databases. It helps to obtain all the necessary information. Python was created in such a way that there are already built-in libraries. So for the developers there are all the conditions for successful work. It can be connected to the databases. But in comparison to PHP it’s not that wide.


Let’s summarize the common features between PHP and Python. Python is much easier and much more flexible. But in case if it’s necessary to get serious about web development, PHP is the best choice. The choice of PHP or Python is always a question of own preferences of the user. Neither PHP comparison nor Python can influence the opinion if you have already get in touch and decided which one is more comfortable.

Both languages, which are in the center of attention, are really popular. Behind them there are strong communities. PHP is definitely the leader. As for Python, nowadays it’s the mainstream.

Python in common is much simpler than PHP. So no need to expect more from a language that is readable and this is its main advantage. However, it all depends on the purposes for which the programming language is used.


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