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5 Common Stubborn Stains and How to Remove Them


Laundry detergent, soap, and water aren’t enough to remove stubborn stains. You have to use some tricks to successfully remove them without damaging the fabric of your favorite clothes. Check out the handy stain remover tips you should know to tackle stubborn stains at home. 

  1. Food Grease Stains

Enjoyed eating your favorite greasy food? If you have food grease stains on your clothes, sprinkle talcum powder or salt on the area. Let it sit until all the spots are absorbed. Brush off the powder or salt with a dry napkin.

  1. Underarm Yellow Stains

Underarm perspiration marks are not lovely to look at; you have to get rid of them. Pre-treat the yellow stains with liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. Launder your garment according to its wash label.

  1. Coffee or Tea Stains

Ah, this is perhaps the most annoying stain that could happen. When you’re walking in a morning rush, someone bumps you, and your coffee or their coffee spills right at your clothes. In the meantime, blot the coffee stain with a damp cloth and a dry cloth afterward to remove the coffee aroma.

Save your work cloth at home. Use a cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. Apply the diluted white vinegar to the stained area. Blot the stain residue until it isn’t visible enough. Launder the cloth right after you have pre-treated it. Do not forget to follow the wash label instructions.

  1. Tomato Sauce or Ketchup Stains

When dealing with tomato sauce or ketchup stains, you need water and white vinegar. You have to dilute the white vinegar with water to make it less harsh. Apply the diluted white vinegar to the stained area. Let it sit for a while to ensure it will remove the stubborn red stains.

Finish the pre-treatment by flushing the area with cool water. Launder your stained clothes in the regular wash cycle. Diluted white vinegar is not only perfect for stain removals, but it also helps your clothes maintain a brighter color. If you want to restore the color of your favorite clothes, you may use this tip.

  1. Cosmetic Stains

Cosmetics and lipsticks are oil-based products. Visit the drugstore and buy an oil solvent. Apply the oil solvent to the area with stains. Remove the stain residue as much as possible. After which, use liquid dishwashing soap, let it sit for 15 minutes. Gently rub the soap to form suds and rinse.

Add a diluted vinegar with an eyedropper to remove the remaining stains. Launder properly and rinse with cool water.

These are the most common stains that are stubborn to remove. Generally, whatever type of stain, you have to deal with it the soonest possible. The lesser time the stain settles, the easier it is for you to remove. You can pre-treat it with an effective stain remover and successfully remove the stain with the tips we discussed. 
Always launder your clothes by following the fabric care instructions. Do not place the clothes in the dryer if you see that there’s still a stain. If your concern is how to remove an old stain, your last option is to ask for help from a dry cleaning service.


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