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Current challenges in e-learning


Current challenges in e-learning

As the global market shifted to accommodate the endless possibilities of remote work and learning, certain challenges emerged as well.  As with any paradigm shift, there are always difficulties to overcome and this of course is the case with moving to e-learning. E-learning has proven to be an effective way to learn and expand teachers’ skills, and although there are difficulties, overcoming them will allow for future opportunities to expand growth in both a personal and economic sense.

Transforming Dull Subject Matter Into an Amazing E-learning Experiences

One challenge in e-learning is one of the core challenges of e learning or teaching in general which is to create content that’s not only educational but also engaging, interesting and doesn’t bore the student.  The first way to overcome this is through quality content, but not all subjects are equal in the eyes of users, so for instance, how do we keep a math student interested when they do not enjoy math? 

This is where e-learning’s adaptability comes into play. E-learning systems can be changed to fit certain situations. There doesn’t need to be a one size fits all system, so e-learning systems can be designed to suit the different learning types for different students, this can mean making it more interactive, more audio or visual based, or any other number of specific customizations. So even if someone doesn’t enjoy math, they can still learn it or any other skill in a way that works best with their learning type. This will help reduce boredom and increase engagement. 

Lack Of Learner Motivation And Engagement

Engagement is at the very core of not just electronic learning but learning itself. Being involved with a subject helps to understand it. So then the challenge is: how do we best engage with students at school, adults learning new skills and the myriad of other people who use e-learning mobile apps and websites? To motivate and engage, you must create an environment that doesn’t tempt the learner to seek distraction. Despite the competition from social media, it is possible to provide content that is engaging enough for the student to invest the required time.

One recent trend in e-learning is to change the conventional mode of learning into something that incentivizes use. This is called gamification, and involves using gaming concepts in non gaming platforms. Some examples of this would be apps such as Duolingo, which is a language learning app that gives you points for progress and encourages daily use by keeping track of streaks. This is just one example of how the gamification of learning can be done. In fact there are a multitude of ways to create a fun, enticing and engaging experience for users. User experiences such as streaks that encourage use provide a way to keep users and clients using the product which is a benefit to them.

Designing e-learning Courses For Different Generations

One misconception about electronic learning systems is that it’s only suited for young people in school or maybe university students. In fact there is a large market for continuing education, adult education, retraining and other e-learning functions that are geared toward an older demographic.

As the global job market continues to shift due to the pandemic as well as automation, there will be a greater need in improving and enlarging the skill set of people who are already in the labor force. Whether it’s retraining a factory worker to be able to code or helping a teacher understand how to use Zoom to help them connect to their students, e-learning is vital to adult users. 

Unrealistic Deadlines

E-learning allows for vast amounts of new knowledge to be transmitted and consumed by a wide ranging audience as has been discussed, but in the area of business there is always a focus on what can be done now. Rushed deadlines in regards to learning new skills can make learning both challenging and frustrating; however, as the utility of e-learning apps and programs grow, so does their ability to help people achieve their goals while also not losing time. Aside from this, companies that use e-learning tools can become impatient and impose deadlines on their employees to complete training, courses and other material.  

An advantage of e-learning is its adaptability, So regardless if it is a company training its new people with a strict deadline, or a private learner who is preparing for an exam, a benefit of e-learning is the ability to set a pace that suits the learner. This means that unlike a traditional classroom setting, you have the option to work on learning a new skill as fast or as relaxed as you prefer. If you need to learn a new skill or about a new program for an upcoming conference, through e-learning this can be done with the right program or course. If you are an e-learning software developer or company, it is very beneficial if your partners and customers learned more about the product and e-learning in general to help them set reasonable objectives so that they can achieve their goals through your product.

Inexperienced partners

Lastly, a large challenge with anything new in regards to technology or learning, is helping your learners and partners adjust to the new opportunities you can provide for them. While it may take time, it truly is an opportunity since it is possible to integrate a new and unique way to help others engage and absorb new material. This will make a large difference in their lives and their company’s future. While some partners may be inexperienced in regards to e-learning and e-learning technologies, it is a challenge that must be worked through in order for you to help your partners achieve their full potential.

There are a lot of changes going on in the world, and fortunately the means of adapting to change are available to us. E-learning programs and platforms allow us and our students to continue to innovate and adapt to changes, while still being able to maintain efficiency.


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