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How to Grow and Start a Perfect Fitness Business Account on Instagram.


With 800 million users on Instagram, fitness is a huge niche. It might seem easy and simple on the outside but to make your way through the contemporary fitness industry, regardless of your motives, one needs to have expertise in the app’s marketing tools. To start and successfully grow a fitness account on Instagram, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Fill out your details.

You need to start with the basics and should take it one step at a time. Rushing things might make the situation worse. You should have a detailed profile so that the people may get an idea about who you are by viewing your profile picture. Adding a link to your website will be a plus and it is highly advised to get one if you don’t have one.

Also, the description of your account should be clear enough. You must state your goals clearly, as it will help the audience in their attempt to get to know you.

  • Upload high-resolution photos.

Now, this might seem to state the obvious but posting high-resolution photos is of grave importance. Uploading blurry photos, random screenshots and quotes will only harm than it will do any good. Getting large followers on your blog is contingent on you posting quality pictures.

Also, there is no clear answer as to how many pictures to start with but uploading 12 photos and videos will be sufficient to give you a head start, as they will give you four rows of imagery. But, you can add more if you want to but not at the expense of quality. Another plus point would be to ask for suggestions from your audience. This way you may get to know them more at the same time your blog engagement will increase.

  • Editing apps.

Now that you have established your blog and identified your niche, you need to find yourself the best editing app which will help you get aesthetic looks for your Instagram account. There are many apps you can find on the internet for this purpose. Some of them are free, some of them are paid. Get yourself one according to your nèeds.

  • Before and after photos:

These photos are mandatory if you want to obtain desired results. These photos will act as proof that your clients are seeing progress through your coaching.

  • Correct usage of hashtags:

The ranking of your blog is contingent on to correct usage of hashtags. They help people to discover your blog. You have to do proper research at your end to get maximum results from them. For this purpose, you can investigate what your competitors and relevant brands are using. Generic hashtags help up to a great extent but target-specific hashtags are known to yield better results.

Placing the hashtags is also of key importance here. You can place them in the caption but stuffing your post with hashtags casts a bad impression. To avoid that, you can always place them in the comments section.

  • Tag the right people.

Tagging people is also important to boost your blog’s engagement. For instance, you successfully trained a client. Uploading before and after photos and tagging him will ultimately land you more clients.

  • Make your followers feel valued.

A kind gesture goes a long way. Reply to your audience’s queries and make sure to tag them when doing so, as this will make them feel more valued.

  • Make a schedule and make sure you stick to it.

Scheduling your posts has its perks as it helps you stay focused. Create a schedule for yourself and divide the posts for different days of the week.

For example, schedule a motivational post for Monday, followed by a before and after photo’ on Tuesday. For Wednesday you can schedule a quick workout video, followed by quick workout tips on Friday. On Saturday you may share a healthy diet plan. Please keep in mind that this is a demo strategy and you may customize one for yourself according to your needs. Scheduling your posts is important since you can’t post the same thing every single day.

  • Instagram stories:

Instagram stories are a great way to engage and interact with your audience because they appear on the top of the Instagram feed. This way your followers will be able to get to know more about you and the training plans you intend to offer. You can also add insights from your personal life as well, this way your audience will be able to relate to you on a personal level. You can post about your vacation, your daily personal routine, your grocery routine, etc. All of this will create a lasting impact on the subconscious mind of your followers.

  • Organize random contests:

Organizing random contests also boosts your Instagram blog’s engagement and will help you grow your Instagram audience. For this purpose, you may partner up with a local fitness brand and offer different prizes to your followers. You can also offer your personalized training as a gift as well. This approach is guaranteed to get you more clients and followers.

  • Connect your Instagram blog to your other social networking apps.

Connecting your Instagram accounts to your other social networking apps will increase your followers. All of this can be done simply by installing a widget. You can share your photos on some other social media app, this way you may get followers on other social media apps along with Instagram, which will eventually. help you grow your audience on Instagram.

  • Make an Instagram business account.

Having an Instagram business account is a more feasible option than having a conventional one. Having a business profile provides you access to tools and features like profile analytics which helps in keeping track of the activities happening on your profile. Having a business profile enables you to implement a market-focused approach. It lets you put up ads with targeted audiences and areas. This way you can target the right audience and increase your business.

These were some of the tips you might find helpful before setting up your fitness blog. Following the correct strategy is vital to flourishing your business, and this is exactly what these aforementioned tips intend to do.


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