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Digitalization of Businesses: Is it Really as Good as it Seems?


As we dive deeper and deeper into the 21st century, with every year we come closer to the future we always dreamed of. Whether it will be utopian or dystopian is yet to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – the future is now. If you don’t agree, allow us to remind you that “the future” of the blockbuster Back to the Future happened 7 years ago. Time sure flies by! It is no surprise many wonder if businesses have adapted to this new scenario, and is everything really neon-bright as it looks?

To help us solve this riddle, we reached out to Anna Rosak, a renowned digital expert who works primarily in the domain of online gaming (read her bio here). Anna’s involvement in new technologies is not by accident, as she has been fascinated by the world of online gaming for longer than a decade. Her main focus has been online payment methods, but also casinos such as GGbet casino.

“As always, digitalization and new technologies are only as good and smart as people who use them. Like it or not, they are not a magic wand that will solve all our concerns. It is impossible to predict if we, as human beings, can keep up with everything that comes down to us in terms of digitalization”, she explains.
United Nations are Concerned About Digitalization
Our expert is not the only one concerned about it. According to the Digital Economy Report 2021 issued by the United Nations, something has really been cooking for a while, and the latest pandemic made things move at the speed of light. In the report, the UN tackles accelerated progress in online payments, telecommunication data transfers, and e-commerce, and calls all governments to become more proactive in regulation and monitoring of new technologies.
The report also makes some notable predictions, including that the “monthly global data traffic is expected to surge from 230 exabytes in 2020 to 780 exabytes by 2026.”

“That is gigantic traffic we are talking about”, proclaims our specialist and adds, “And just like on the interstate, when there is high traffic, there are also fatal accidents. You have to understand that in this case, it is impossible to protect everyone at all times, as there is a high level of personal liability involved.”

We asked our expert to go into further details, and explain it in an example. The online business expert is certain that most internet users have no idea how to recognize a legit site from a scam, or how to look for red flags. In addition to that, we are all using so many apps, we easily lean back into the commodity of connecting accounts with each other, just for the sake of easy access.

“You think you are tech-savvy for registering with your Gmail account? Well, you are not, and in fact, such an action could be described as reckless, especially if you haven’t researched the site properly. It might just spam you to death, but it might also steal your personal information, and even identity”, Anna warns.
Are There Any Benefits to Digitalization?
If we are going to believe Statista, by 2025, companies from all over the world will be investing more than USD2.8 trillion in digitalization. This includes moving data to clouds, technological devices, and all sorts of digital tools and services. Anna hopes a part of the money will also go into making customers and users safe.

“Look, it would be unfair for me to say digitalization of businesses is all bad. I get to make a hair appointment in two clicks and chat with my friends from all over the world. I can order something to eat in the middle of the night and make sure my ride home is safe and has great ratings. God forbid there is some natural disaster happening, I can let my family know my location the very second”, she is honest. Also, our expertj does her best to make sure everyone gets she is not against digitalization, but she admits that she is the kind that advocates for safety and responsibility.

“Keep your passwords secret, and complicated. Don’t register mindlessly. Take courses on how to keep yourself safe with all sorts of apps. There is only so much the legal institutions can do once the damage is done”, concludes Anna.

If the future is already here, we should at least make sure not to put ourselves in danger. It will probably take years, if not decades until governments deliver a proper regulatory framework for digitalization, and by then, it might be a little too late for you. Once your data and money are gone, they aren’t easy to come back, even in the colorful and shiny digital environment.,


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