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How important is PAT testing for building maintenance?


Having a happy and healthy workforce seems like a no-brainer when it comes to areas such as productivity. Not only is it a legal requirement to keep your staff safe, but it is an ethical one, too and the importance of this should not be overlooked.

We now exist in a digital age where there are more electrical elements in business than ever before. And we all know that faulty electrics or even just a wrong decision can result in tragedy, so it is crucial not to expose anyone to any risk. We carry so many portable devices these days, and there is an appliance for everything. Trusted suppliers make most, but even still, problems can occur. Fortunately, there is a way of checking how safe they are and that is by having them Pat tested. So how important is it really to conduct PAT testing to maintain your building correctly? 

There are, of course, commercial demands on all businesses, and sometimes costs can seem unnecessary. There is the desire to delay what we would class as non-essential ones, believing the risk to be minimal, but this should never be the case in your organisation.

Many firms can do PAT testing for landlords renting houses in Bristol area, but are you sure you are getting good service? There have been instances logged where engineers have stuck the relevant sticker on an appliance without checking it. Hard-wired items have been overlooked entirely, or inexperienced people have done the wrong test on the wrong item deeming something safe when it is not. This is often down to an individual who is rushing or can even be due to a company policy to get as much money in meaning the service they offer will be compromised. All of these practices could result in a fire in the workplace, loss of productivity, huge costs incurred and much, much worse – injury to staff or even death.

Any business insurance you might have will likely be negated if you have not properly tested and maintained any electrical items you have on the premises. Why would your insurer payout if you allowed people to use faulty heaters which have caused an office fire, for example? So, in addition to the physical threat, there is a substantial financial risk to your business too.

Dependent on the size and nature of your business, the requirements for PAT testing differ. If you are in any doubt at all, it would be well worth contacting an external expert who will be able to advise on best practice and who will conduct the job to the standard it is required.

If you are responsible for the safety of your staff, technology and/or the buildings in which the company operates, it is time to take PAT testing seriously. There should never be any compromises made regarding the safety of your employees (and yourself) so ensure you are up to date with all your relevant testing today. It is never something that should be delayed and certainly not for financial reasons. The question you would only ask yourself afterwards is, how did I ever think I could afford not to maintain my building properly?


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