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Combi Boiler Pros and Cons


Does a combi boiler work better than conventional boilers? What are the benefits? So, you want to know more about combi boilers. You want some more information before considering an investment. Combi boilers have become a popular choice due to their compact size and better efficiency. These boilers can heat your entire home. They can provide hot water without installing a water tank. They feature a more compact and lightweight design compared to your conventional central heating units. These multi-functionality features have given them a unique name “combi boiler”.

What is the best combi boiler?

A combi boiler can be the best choice for homes and any other limited spaces. The compact size does not make it a good option for large businesses. Different types of combi boilers are available in the current market. You can buy from gas, oil-fired, or LPG models.

 What Are the Pros of Combi Boiler?

These small boilers are mostly appreciated by users. You will find many positive sides. However, it is not free from negatives. So, let’s have a look at positives and negatives to help you decide.


Though a combi boiler comes with a compact design and better efficiency, it will not hurt your budget. It is affordable and comes with a simple design. Also, it is super easy to install. If you want to replace your conventional boiler, you should think of this option. The replacement cost will be less. Also, it will not accommodate much space and can be perfect for your small home.

Highly Efficient

This is one of the key benefits of a combi boiler. These are highly efficient and can very effective to save on your energy bills. By installing a combi boiler, you can minimize your energy bill significantly. However, you are going to spend much more on traditional heating systems.

Faster & Safer

If you use a combi boiler, you do not need a water tank. It can help with unlimited water supply without any waiting time. Also, the water is safe for drinking since it will come from the mains directly. However, if you use a traditional heating system, it might need a separate tank to store the water and then it will supply the water to your house.

Compact & Easy to Maintain

You do not need to install a water tank for your combi boiler. You just need to install the boiler and this is not going to demand much space.  When it comes to the maintenance, there will not be much sludge buildup since the water will be directly used from the mains.

What Are the Cons of Combi Boiler?

Restricted Use

A combi boiler can support one shower at a time. That might cause a problem if you have many people in your home.

Dependency on the Mains

Your combi boiler will depend on the mains for the water supply as well as water pressure. When the main pressure will be poor, the pressure of the boiler will also be compromised.

 Wrapping Up

A combi boiler is worth buying for small families. Combi boiler prices differ from location to location. You will not have to spend much on the boiler, maintenance, as well as replacements. However, you might not get the desired water pressure.


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