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Signs That You Need A New Boiler


If you need to get your boiler replaced, you should get on to it sooner rather than later. Boilers can be costly, that’s why its recommended that you pick one according to your requirements. Once you’ve made up your mind, make sure that you get in touch with reputable providers.

If you have a boiler, keep a close watch on its performance to keep it from shutting down. Maintaining your heating system well is crucial, especially during winters. This is why it’s important that you know as much about boiler maintenance as possible.

Irrespective of whether you want to replace an old boiler or get a new one for your home, there are few things that you must absolutely know.

Types of Boilers

When you choose the right boiler, you can avoid wasting energy and reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, you will be eligible under the RHI scheme and receive financial incentives from the government.

So to get the most out of your boiler installation, its best to know about the types of boilers available in the market:

  • Conventional Boilers – These take up more space and are ideal for bigger homes that have several bathrooms. They come with a hot water storage tank where warm water can be stored for a while.
  • System Boilers – When compared to conventional boilers, system boilers occupy less space and are ideal for homes that are average-sized. These boilers help keep the water pressurised at all times which means you can access multiple taps without any change in its pressure.
  • Combination Boilers – These boilers are highly compact as there’s no storage tank. It draws water from the mains and supplies hot water whenever required. These boilers are perfect for small families and for apartments. You can get combination boilers that come along with a small storage tank for hot water.

Boiler Maintenance

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is essential to avoid boiler breakdowns and serious repercussions. Professionals will perform the following checks to ensure boiler safety and performance:

  • Check boilers for legal compliance
  • Check for corrosion and leaks
  • Check various boiler aspects like the burner, heat exchanger, spark probe and main injector.
  • Check flue for blockages and debris
  • Check the pressure of the gas
  • Check for any functional faults

In case the service professionals find any major faults, then its time you get your boiler replaced. If the problem can be fixed, then call experienced technicians and get the repair done.

User Controls

Check if your boiler has user controls that make temperature setting easy. Since overheating can lead to accidents, it’s important to control the temperature of the heating system and the hot water as well. If you suspect overheating, call in for help immediately.

Sedimentation or lime-scale accumulation can be the reason behind overheating. So get that checked as soon as you can to avoid issues.

Modern boilers work well with smart controls so you can manage the heating schedule of your home with the help of your phones. Smart controls promote energy efficiency as you turn your heating on and off from anywhere.

Boiler Performance

By being attentive to boiler operation you can help avoid the boiler from breaking down. Mentioned below are some aspects that you need to be mindful of:

Boiler noise – If you notice any gurgling noises emitting from the boiler while it is switched on, then you must consider getting it inspected immediately. Strange noises are indicators of serious problems brewing within the system. This is why paying attention to any unusual noises is highly recommended.

Strange smell – If your boiler emits a peculiar smell it, don’t brush it off as it could be carbon monoxide. Call heating engineers immediately to check for gas leaks.

Visible dripping – Any kind of leaks or drips could mean a serious problem and you’ll have to call in technicians to replace your system and fix the problem. Leaks usually occur due to corrosion in pipes or damaged pumps. If this is not taken care of immediately, it can cause electrical short circuits and other issues.

In case of repairs and replacements, compare the prices to gauge which one will be better. You should also take into account the size of the boiler during installation and the time it will take for the set up to be complete. This will ensure that you don’t go too long without any means to heat your home.


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