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Is your boiler ready for the colder weather?


During the summer, your boiler isn’t in so much demand.

However, come winter, when your heating is cranked up, problems can flare – exactly when you don’t want them to!

The festive season is an especially busy time when the demands for an engineer are likely to be at their peak.

While Christmas this year doesn’t promise to be the major celebration you might have hoped, one thing you want to avoid if possible is a heating malfunction.

So, there’s no time like the present to get your boiler checked.

One thing to stress is that you must ensure the boiler service is carried out by a qualified engineer that has been authorised by the Gas Safe Register or, for an oil boiler, by an OFTEC technician.

What is a boiler service?

This is a check which takes around an hour or less to ensure that everything is in working order. It will include…

  1. A visual inspection

This is where the engineer checks that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements. It includes looking for any corrosion or leaks and also visually checking the flame in your boiler.

  1. Removal of the boiler casing

The engineer will inspect each component and how it is working. It involves checking the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe and cleaning out the inside of the boiler.

  1. A flue check

This is to ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.

  1. A gas pressure check

For your boiler to work properly it needs to be the correct pressure.

  1. Firing up the boiler

This allows the engineer to check for any working faults.

Other checks which will take place will include:

  • Flame sense device and whether it operates correctly
  • Pilot burner and any cables and probes
  • High-limit thermostat
  • Provision of adequate ventilation
  • Heating controls
  • Electrical wiring connections
  • Location of the boiler and nearby combustible materials
  • Safety devices
  • Seals

The engineer will also make a record of each check and test that has been done, such as a record of the boiler pressure or heat input. This is information which you can then keep and produce for any future inspections or if you have a problem with the boiler in the future, you can contact your local store, some reasons why the boiler turning off could be due to maintenance.   

At the very end of a boiler service, the engineer will make sure the boiler is working well. Any controls or settings that were altered during the service will be either put back to the customer’s settings or left so that the customer can easily adjust the settings themselves.

Why should I get a boiler check

  1. Safety

It’s worth keeping in mind that your boiler burns fuel and that releases carbon monoxide which can kill. A boiler check will give you peace of mind.

  1. To make sure your warranty is valid

Many warranties stipulate that you must have a 12 month service while it’s under guarantee. If you do not do this then your warranty could be void, and you’ll probably have to pay the full repair costs involved.

  1. To spot small faults before they become big ones

During a service, your gas engineer will be able to identify and fix any underlying problems before it’s too late.

  1. Prolong the lifespan of your boiler

Primarily, the age and model of your boiler will determine how energy efficient it is; as your boiler gets older, it inevitably becomes less energy efficient.

Maintaining a healthy, efficient boiler by regularly servicing it could help make it last much longer.

  1. As a landlord you have to do this by law

If you’re a landlord, there is a legal requirement to present a gas safety record each year. It makes it really convenient to conduct the gas safety check at the same time as a boiler service. This means that you know your boiler is working well and poses minimal risk to your tenants’ health.

Finally, if your boiler hasn’t been serviced for a while, there are some signs that it might need urgent attention.

  • An irregular flame in the boiler.
  • Stains or smoke marks appear on the boiler ot close by it.
  • The boiler flame is yellow
  • You discover that the boiler overheats or refills regularly
  • Your pilot light it prone to going out
  • You notice a drop in water pressure

The folks at Range heating are able to provide these services fast, and at an affordable cost. Get in touch with them today and make sure your boiler is safe for winter.


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