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The Use of Online Marketing for Trade Exhibitions


Although online marketing keeps beating traditional marketing in terms of budget allocation, it can never replace trade shows and other events. Why? Because these shows administer face-to-face opportunities that allow you to capture a niche audience and business decision-makers.

Indeed, digital marketing cannot substitute for business marketing events, yet it can significantly boost the overall performance of your business event strategies. Hence, it plays a substantial supporting role in any marketing event.

Here is a list of digital strategies you can use to make a significant impact at your next trade exhibit.

Engage the Attendees Before the Event

One of the best ways to use online marketing as your commerce approach is to develop a list of targets who will be attending the event. Then start building up that list with a more account-based strategy.

How you nurture the list will rely on the planned event. It may be challenging to get a list of all attendees, but once you get a copy, you can do a few tactics to guarantee your event’s success. Here are some of the campaigns you can do:

Event Previews

Send out a pre-event email that gives brief information about your business and proposition. Create an email that will catch your target’s interest. You can persuade them to stop by to your booth by providing a list of fun activities where winners can get a load of freebies like gift certificates, mugs, t-shirts, caps, and more.

Video Emails

Make a personalised video email for your prospects and point out why you reached out to them. Explain what your event is and ask if they would be interested in allotting some time with you at the fair.

Automated Workflows

Doing tasks to reach out to all your prospects could be daunting. Fortunately, there are online automated tools that can coordinate your targets’ email, social, and website activities, such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Pardot.

Coordinating Sponsorships With Digital Campaigns

It is ubiquitous to see that the most prominent advertisements and sponsorships belong to large businesses. Those ad placements cost a great deal of money since they represent opportunities to keep their status in the trade by being the best choice in consumers’ views. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can also get a favorable position in getting this type of attention if they have the following factors:

  • The product or service they offer is exemplary, innovative, or unique.
  • The trade show event gives them a moment to present their brand or new products or services.
  • The event portrays a significant percentage of their target market against more prominent companies who are also present.

Even though sponsorships are great, they should not make you complacent. You also need to align other marketing plans, like event messaging. The purpose of this method is to create a splash. Here are some online marketing strategies that you can affiliate with event messaging:

Social Media Marketing

Social media is proven to have a significant role in any business event strategy. Hence, it is the right tool you should use in the planning and completion of an event playbook.

You can use Facebook and Linkedin to connect with your target list before the event. These initial connections are essential in building up your message for the upcoming trade exhibit. Ensure that your content leads to a broader audience who are not attending. You can achieve this through live streams and hashtags. Moreover, you can use social media to follow up with those who participated in the event.

Video Marketing and Production

You can effectively communicate the message of your show through an event-specific promotional video, rather than depending on an outdated sales video. You can even recycle the video after the event when engaging with non-participants in a similar market.

Furthermore, making a live video is a great idea to reach a broader audience during the event. Video voicemails are also an excellent way to follow up with the lead you generated after the exhibition.

Live Social Media Coverage

Using tools like Instagram stories or Facebook live are great opportunities to reach out to your at-home audience. You can use this online strategy with others and make a live stream at a pre-arranged time.

These live videos can be in the form of a product or service demonstration, presentation, or simple question and answer break. If your business is into publishing episodic contents, like webinars or podcasts, then you can plan to stream something live from your booth stand. This can draw attention and be an additional valuable piece of content for continuous lead development.


Trade show events are still one of the best ways of marketing your brand and company. Adding support to this event, such as online marketing, will surely augment the success of your next trade exhibition.

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