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Five reasons to buy a bed online rather than in-store


Need a new mattress? No longer do you need to go to a shop and roll about on the beds to find the perfect one to suit. With a customised service you can have a bespoke bed tailored to your exact needs. So, whether you suffer with back pain, you need a longer length of bed or you need a frame built, you can create your ideal bed and more online.

Read onto discover why the online experience is so much better than in-store.

More for your money

Did you know, that when you buy something in a physical shop, you may pay more due to the store’s overheads – that’s things like sales assistant wages and utilities it uses?

When you buy online, retailers can offer the same or a superior product for less. You’ll only spend money on the product itself, with perhaps much lower costs like storage also forming part of the price. And plus, you won’t have the hassle of someone asking if you “need any help” every two minutes.

Payment security

Back in the early 90’s when the internet came into full fruition, people were cagey about spending that hard-earned cash online – and understandable so. But these days there are so many purchasing options that provide protection available online.

Using PayPal offers consumers the ultimate security and is far safer than handing over cash at the till. If you’re not satisfied with the item you’ve bought online and can demonstrate that it’s not as advertised, you will be able to receive a refund. You are also protected when you spend on a credit card.

Speedier service

Buying online can get the product to your door quicker than the time it takes for you to get to the store. In the case of bigger, customised purchases, products are ordered online just as swiftly as they are in the store. This means waiting times for the perfect mattress could be even lower.

More product knowledge

You’re not going to be able to browse reviews of beds in a shop. Customers looking for a new mattress can easily see the quality of a product by reading about it online, saving them from making an expensive yet unsuitable purchase.

All the information you need about delivery, service and quality can be found along with the product features. There’s no need to rely on someone in the showroom who will be chirping away in your ear with the intention of making commission on each sale. And from the comfort of your home, there’s no one pressuring you to decide there and then.

Human help

When the item you want to buy is as costly as a new bed or mattress, the company should provide and be able to honestly demonstrate any information required. Buying online doesn’t mean you can’t speak to a real person about your product search. At Custom Mattress, they offer a free in-depth consultation over the phone. They do this to ensure you’re getting a mattress or bed that you can be entirely pleased with for many years. So, there you have it – five reasons to buy online. If you need help to customise your own bed, contact custommatress.co.uk today or call 01565 651696.


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