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Why Roomba i7 is the best decision for pet hair


Over the years there has been a real bot over which vacuum cleaner is the best. Countless comparisons have been made in trying to find out which device is the best. However, there have been new innovative advancements that have led to an improvement of these robots.

Therefore, recently iRobot i7 Roomba was released. Most reviews from the customers have indeed justified the fact that this vacuum cleaner is the best for cleaning pet hair. This robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t disappoint. It comes with two unique feature which has never been seen before which makes the cleaning process more of a hands-free activity.

 It’s newest key features are:

•  Unique Environment mapping

•  Self-emptying personality

It is with no doubt that the Roomba i7 will take the vacuum industry by storm. If you have been having a problem with cleaning your pet’s hair on the floor carpets and other surfaces you shouldn’t worry no more.

Powerful suction

The vacuum suction power is estimated at the peak of 1800pa. This suction strength is entirely sufficient to dislodge debris and dirt on your carpeted floor. However, the power varies depending on the running mode.

The turbo mode is the highest while the echo mode exerts up to 1000pa. Additionally, Its sensors detect the areas with more massive dirt particles, and it will automatically adjust itself to ensure thorough cleaning.

3-Stage cleaning

It uses a 3-stage cleaning system which cleans the dirt and pet hair that you see and the microscopic allergens. It involves:
One of the brushes loosens soil by agitating it while the other pulls in the loosened dirt. After that, using its powerful suction ability, dirt is drawn into its bin.

This cleaning system leaves nothing but a sparkling floor.

The brushes of Roomba i7 are not tangled by a pet or human hair since its brushes are made of rubber instead of bristles.

If you have pets in your home this will be your most valued feature. Furthermore; it has automatic height adjustment for the cleaning head which enables it to remove dirt from any flooring.

Good battery life

The Roomba i7 has a rechargeable battery with approximately 3300mAh lithium-ion battery. It takes about 3 hours to be fully charged after which it will run for 2 hours. It might be a standard feature but here comes the difference. This vacuum cleaner can always go back to the dock station for a recharge.

Large dustbin capacity

It is another unique feature of Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner. It has a more large charging dock which doubles up as the larger dustbin. The charging dock is capable of holding 30 vacuum bins altogether. This feature eliminates the aspect of emptying the containers on a daily basis.

Cleaning base and disposable bags

Once in a while, you will be expected to go out of your pocket and buy disposable bags which costs approximately 15$.

High filtration efficiency

The Roomba i7 removes the smallest particles up to 0.3 microns. Its filter traps pet hair, dust, and pollen from the air. It can capture up to 99% of floating debris thus making the air free from allergens and even tiny pet hair. Additionally, The filter is made from a replaceable material which it will be replaced once it is clogged with dirt.

Weight and dimensions

The Roomba i7 is 3.63 inches in height and 13.34 inches in diameter. The elevation is an essential factor to consider. This allows it to go underneath most of the furniture while cleaning thus sweeping hard to reach areas. It has a weight of 7.4 lbs which makes it light enough to carry it up and down stairs especially when you want the vacuum cleaner to clean several floors.


The Roomba i7 is backed up by a one-year manufacturer warranter just like most of the other models in this series.


You will receive the following on buying the Roomba i7:
•  Power cord to connect the charge station.
•  Extra side brush
•  Extra-high-efficiency filter for purposes of replacements
•  A virtual all barrier
•  Two disposable dirtbags to start you off
•  A clean base for disposal of the dirt

Special Features

Roomba i7 has a unique feature which I should not miss talking about because they are part of its uniqueness.

Smart mapping technology

Most vacuum cleaners map their cleaning areas, but for this case, it is a little bit different. Other vacuum cleaners will forget the maps they create bur Roomba i7 will always store every floor plan of your house. It then uses this vital information to learn locations of doorways, obstacles and room layout. Later this information will translate to efficient cleaning.

Interestingly, it can store up to Ten different plans for various floors, i.e., living room, sitting rooms among others. Through this, you can customize the cleaning schedule by naming the places in the home app and after that program it basing on the layout of the map. This vacuum can clean the rooms independently unlike the others which you will require to lift them to clean other places since they can’t store floor plans.

Automatic dirt disposal

It is another feature which is one of its kind. It can empty itself. Some users usually find a challenge when draining the bins manual, but by considering this, I believe you will see a reason to buy one for your home.

The emptied debris, dirt and pets hair goes into a disposable bag in the transparent base. Once the dust bag is full, it will notify you of the home app. All you will need to do is to replace it, and the cleaning continues.

App control

IRobot home apps connect the vacuum through WiFi which allows you to control it. You can schedule your cleaning, name and partition your rooms and you can also view floor plans. It is also compatible with popular voice control platforms such as google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Through this, you can issue voice commands for your scheduled cleaning.


•  It has iRobot home app for easy control.
•  High-efficiency filters for trapping dust and allergens
•  3-stage cleaning for thorough cleaning
.  Mighty suction power for picking up dirt
•  Quieter than the previous Roomba series
•  Improved floor contact and rubber brushes ensure pet, and human hair doesn’t entangle.
•  It has a mapping technology which creates a better floor plan for smart cleaning.


•  It is expensive
•  The dirtbag is not reusable.
•  The clean base is not compatible with other models.


This Roomba i7 is unique in its way, especially for pets. It has supplemented the in-capabilities of the previous models to give you a wonderful cleaning experience. Generally, it has almost everything that you might have desired in a vacuum, cleaner. All you need to do is to try it since it is one of the best autonomous vacuum cleaners that you can get for your home.


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