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How Big Garden Room Without Planning Permission


When thinking of building a garden room, there are several things that need to be taken into account including the size, design, features, cost and of course the permissions. The biggest question that needs to be answered is whether or not you will require planning permission for your garden rooms. Let’s find out!

Do You Require Any Planning Permission For Building Garden Rooms?

No, you don’t need any planning permission for building your garden room provided that they fall under the permitted development guidelines. According to these guidelines, a building that comes under these rules should not contain a sleeping accommodation and should be a single storey with a maximum height of 2.5 meters.

How Big A Garden Room Can Be Built Without Planning Permission?

If you are thinking to build a garden room, then you can contact garden room specialist in your local area. If you are from Essex, just search for “garden rooms essex” and you will find a good list. Below are the guidelines for building a garden room without planning permission :

Maximum Height: As we have already discussed above, the eaves should be no more than 2.5 meters. Further, the overall maximum height depends on the shape of your roof. If it is a dual pitch roof, the height can be up to 4m and for all the other roof types, the height can not exceed 3m. However, if the overall boundary of a building is about 2m, the maximum height should be kept within 2.5m.

Footprint: If your house is very old or the previous owners have already extended the house since 1948, your permitted allowance is already expired. This means you can’t build on more than 50% of land without requiring full planning permission.

Location: The room should be located at the main front of your original house. Original here means it should be built on or before July 1st,1948. No balconies and verandas will be allowed without full planning permission. Further, the height of the decks should be more than 300mm.

Other Restrictions

There are a few other restrictions that you should keep in mind before planning your garden room or summer house. Below are the questions to ask yourself :

1.Is your property a house?

If you live in maisonettes, flats or other types of buildings, you don’t have any development rights and so you can’t build a garden room without planning permission. Moreover, if your house has undergone changes or is converted already, you might not be able to build without planning permissions.

2. Is your property contained within the listed boundaries?

If your house or building is contained within the listed boundaries, you will require a complete planning permission for making any changes to your house.

3. Is your house located in a conservation area?

If so, you can’t build a garden room without planning permission.

4. Is your house located within the national park area, world heritage site or areas of natural beauty?

If your house is situated in any of these areas, you will not be able to build a garden room without planning permission. Further, if you want to build a room more than 20m from the house, the footprints can’t exceed 10 square meters.


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