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How To Make Your Garage Door Fit Your Style


You’ve gone through all the trouble of making your home match your personal style but there is one key element that is throwing off your driveway: the garage door. It’s big, it’s bulky and can take your kerb appeal from stunning to boring in one glance.

But what can you do to customise your garage door to fit your house style? Experts in DIY garage doors, EasyFit give you the rundown on how to revamp a garage door.

Garage Door Customisation

Depending on the type of garage door you opt for (sectional or roller) your choice of colour finishes, guides and hood will differ, but don’t let that discourage you, there are still plenty of options for all doors.

If you have a roller garage door installed there is plenty that can be done to customise it: you can pick from a range of standard colours to ensure that your home has a coherent look or opt for painted woodgrains and woodgrain foil when looking for a traditional finish.

Blue, for example, might not seem like an obvious garage door colour but when combined with a natural light wood it instantly enhances your garage’s aesthetic and overall kerb appeal

But it’s not all about looks: besides giving your driveway a much-needed touch of flair, the unique roller garage door paint finish provides a long-lasting durable finish without corrosion.

Sectional garage doors also offer a wide array of smooth and woodgrain paint finishes, from a smooth sky blue to a terra brown wood grain finish.

The idea of customising a garage door might make you think about big bold graphics and difficult DIY jobs, but sometimes it’s about opting for a small change that makes a big impact. For example, a red garage door is an instant eye-catcher that complements the natural brick tones of your home.

Going beyond colour, and especially for anyone who decided to transform their garage into a gym or another useful space during lockdown, you can also add natural light into your garage. Sectional garage doors like Alutech have various acrylic window designs available in clear, crystal textured frosting or smooth opaque frosting.  With several panel styles available, windows can be horizontal or vertical depending on your home style.

Regardless of your goal when customising a garage door to fit your style, remember to opt for doors that have increased security and safety features: look for the CE mark for security and quality along with locking systems and long warranties.


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