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How to Insulate the Floor – Choose the Best Material

How to Insulate the Floor – Choose the Best Material

With the help of thermal insulation, you can reduce the cost of heating the room and significantly improve living conditions in the house. In particular, the floor needs quality insulation because the heat transfer passes more intensively through the horizontal surfaces. In simple terms – more heat comes out of the room through the floor and roof than the walls. For this task, it is necessary to use appropriate quality materials. The optimal option on many parameters would be insulating panels for the floor.

What is the thermal insulation of the floor?

When installing a new floor, it is necessary to take care of a decent insulation layer. With the help of insulation boards will be able to once and for all rid the room of drafts, filling the purpose between the floor and the baseboard. In this situation, the best solution is to install rigid sheets between the floor joists. High-quality thermal insulation with special boards will be able to solve several problems:

  • blocking the spread of heat and the lower layers of the concrete floor base, reflecting heat and redirecting it higher into the room;
  • preventing moisture accumulation;
  • saving money on utility bills;
  • quick and easy installation, which any home handyman can do;
  • it is easier to provide the room’s optimal heat degree and humidity level.

Insulation is best carried out exactly on the basement floor, while the inter-floor partitions do not need the work presented.

How is the installation of insulating panels carried out?

Insulation sheets can be mounted in different ways and on different types of flooring:

  • Floor insulation. Traditional installation involves placing the panels under the floorboards several inches below the floor level.
  • Laying insulation on a concrete slab. The optimal solution for an older building. First, a concrete slab floor is made, then a moisture-proof membrane is laid, and then the screed is poured.
  • Installation of insulation on a wooden suspended floor. The material is laid in special recesses under the beams between the floor joists in this situation. 

The laying of insulating material can cope with almost every home master. There is enough useful information, video tutorials and other information on properly installing insulation boards on the network. If your budget allows, you can go to a contractor who will do all the work on a turnkey basis. If you hire a construction crew, you must spend up to £1,000 on insulation. 

How to choose and where to buy materials for floor insulation

Proper insulation can save you £30 a year. But this will only work if you choose the right material. In this store https://insulationwholesale.co.uk/insulation/insulation-applications/floor-insulation/ , you will find products for insulation from the best British manufacturers. All insulation panels differ from each other in several ways:

  • production material: PIR, extruded polystyrene, polystyrene foam and others;
  • fire resistance – most of the boards are presented with fire resistance class F;
  • thermal conductivity – ranging from 0.007 to 0.045 W / mK and others.

Choose the best option depending on your needs, wishes and budget you can find in catalog. If you need further advice, contact managers for assistance on the contact numbers.


Why is it best to use insulated panels to insulate the floor?

Several advantages favor this material – a democratic price, ease of installation, and the abundance of panel options.

What brands of insulation boards are trustworthy?

The best products are represented by several British brands: Ecotherm Eco-Versal, Mannok PIR Insulation, Recticel Eurothane GP and others. 

Do insulation panels give soundproofing?

Yes. There are separate acoustic versions of insulating panels on sale that allow you to retain heat inside the room and create optimal soundproofing.

Is there a difference between insulation boards for floors and walls?

No. The advantage of insulating panels is that they are versatile and perfectly suitable for almost any surface. You need to choose the thickness, the material of manufacture, whether there should be a foil coating and other parameters.

Does the insulating panel reduce the room’s height during installation?

The thickness of the insulation panel can be from 5 to 150 mm. Installation of this material does not affect the height of the room and does not make a threshold, so it does not affect the comfort of living.

How long does it take to install floor insulation?

Insulation panels are quite easy to install by yourself, particularly if you have previously dealt with installing gypsum board sheets. To fix the sheets, you use special adhesives or suitable fasteners.


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