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Rug Cleaning – How Often is Often Enough and What we Need to Know


Textile flooring has the ability to absorb huge amounts of dust. The main reason for this is the very texture and uneven surface of practically all the carpets and rugs on the market. The more uneven the texture of a given surface is, the more dust particles can get stuck in it.

In addition, the fact that due to gravity, the dust moves downwards and is mainly layered on the floor surfaces, is of great importance.

Dust and allergies

If there are people in your family who suffer from dust allergy, you already know how much difficulties and inconvenience carpets create. By itself, dust is a disgusting mixture of dead skin, particles of dead mites and their droppings, microscopic particles from our hair and clothes, and many others.

House dust is generally not good for human health. And yet, if you are a completely healthy person, then the human body somehow manages to successfully cope with the negative aspects of the domestic dust.

However, if you or a member of your family suffers from a dust allergy or asthma, then the presence of house dust can provoke sudden and unexpected periods in which a person’s health condition deteriorates.

For this reason, any family in which dust allergic people live, should take measures to limit the accumulation of house dust on the floor.

Moreover, if all these particles that are invisible to the naked eye stay in the carpet for a longer period of time, they will eventually affect the quality of the air. That could cause you to develop allergies even if you are perfectly healthy.

There are two ways to effectively prevent this. On the one hand, the first thing to do is to limit the use of textile floor coverings, and on the other hand, you should regularly wash those of the textile floorings we cannot do without (for rug cleaning, take a look at EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk).

How to clean our rugs and carpets

To keep the dust level at home low, we need to clean the carpets and rugs regularly. The best way to do this is by calling a company that offers professional washing and cleaning of rugs and carpets.

The main reason to leave the job to professionals is the fact that regular cleaning and vacuuming simply cannot get rid of all the dust and microorganisms that have accumulated into the surface. In order to succeed in that you would have to thoroughly wash the carpet, using specialized cleaning solutions, which could turn your life into a nightmare if you decide to do it yourself.

Even if you manage to kill part of the harmful microorganisms, there will still be a big part of them left, and they will soon multiply again. With professional washing you can get a much greater part of them killed, and after that the cleaners will apply solutions that prevent the rest from multiplying fast.

Professional cleaning usually requires carpets and rugs to be taken to a special location and washed there. Of course, many cleaning companies also offer the option of cleaning your carpets at your home.

This alternative, however, is often avoided, and people who choose it usually do so in offices and other similar places, where hygiene is not as critically important as it is in your home, where children play on the floor.

How often to clean our rugs and carpets

It is accepted as a universal rule to have our carpets cleaned once every 12 months. If you are often away from your home, then you can consider washing your carpets once every 18 months.

On the other hand, there are many cases where it is advisable to clean the rugs more often. One of these specific cases is if you have pets at home. If you share your home with a dog or a cat, you should know that this encourages the accumulation of dust on the floor, and is also usually the reason for the presence of more mites than usual.

Another reason to consider washing your carpets more regularly is if you walk into your home with shoes on. It’s a matter of personal preferences, but it usually means cleaning your rugs more often.

How often is more often

Usually, when we talk about carpets and rugs needing to be cleaned more often if you walk into the house with shoes or if you have pets at home, it means to think about cleaning at least once every 6 months or in other words, at least twice in the year.

What are the Professional Standards for Carpet Cleaning

Probably that never came to your mind, but there actually exists a set of standards for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Renowned cleaning companies such as EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk make sure they strictly follow the guidelines.

The standards were developed by professionals with technical expertise with the goal to ensure people’s safety and the healthy conditions in homes and buildings.

The standards cover requirements for professional vacuuming, deep cleaning systems and extractors, as well as the solutions used for washing. They also state that it is necessary for professional cleaners to be trained in the correct techniques.

The fact that companies follow these standards is another reason to trust them, instead of trying to wash the rugs yourself. From their services you can expect flawless and long-term results.

How to Prepare for the Service

The professionals arriving to wash your rugs and carpets would be extremely careful if you removed any breakable items that would need to be moved around during the process. It would also be convenient if you remove as much furniture as possible from the carpet and leave it easy for them to clean.

In case you are a happy owner of a pet, make sure you prevent it from stressing out by keeping it in a different room. It is possible that the fear will make it panic and become aggressive toward the cleaners, even if it usually is a complete angel.


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