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The Environmental Impact of Traditional vs Eco Cosmetics Packaging


While some people truly and deeply care about our environment and wholeheartedly give their best to reduce the negative impact, others are simply choosing to close their eyes and pretend that nothing is really happening. That makes it easier for them, but not for the rest of the world.

Being informed about the negative effects of certain processes is crucial if we really want to save our planet. One of the most harmful processes that have numerous negative consequences is the production and usage of plastic packaging.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a solution to that. More and more businesses are starting to use eco-friendly cardboard cosmetic packaging for their products.

If you are a business owner and want to contribute to sustainability and environmental preservation, you could benefit from eco-friendly packaging from ThePackLion.com. In case you want to get a picture of how harmful plastic packages actually are, this article will explore the topic.

Why Should you Choose Eco Cosmetic Packaging over Plastic

Many factors lead companies such as cosmetic brands to switch to sustainable cosmetic packaging boxes instead of plastic ones. It turns out that this type of packaging actually reduces production and shipping costs in the long run, and wins over customers’ trust and support.

The greatest reason, however, is the fact that the environment benefits greatly from that.

It is not easy to get a realistic picture of how harmful actually plastic packaging is, so here we’ll try to give you an idea of its negative environmental impact.


You are probably hearing all the time about plastic pollution. The problem is so big that we even consume plastic ourselves, because microscopic bits of it are consumed by animals, or they go into the soil, where plants consume elements from them.

Some types of plastic can be used for creating products that can be utilized multiple times, which could be healthy for the environment. Some types also can be recycled and made into new products.

Even with recycling the problem remains a serious one, since not all types of plastic can be recycled. The only way to truly solve the problem is to drop using plastic forever.

It’s not really possible to stop using plastic all at once, since we’re so used to that. However, we can take small and consistent actions that could eventually lead to the abolishment of plastic.

A way for businesses to greatly reduce plastic pollution is to shift from using plastic boxes to cardboard recyclable cosmetic boxes. Thankfully, at ThePackLion.com you can find a vast variety of such boxes, which allow for full customization.

Carbon Footprint

Reducing their carbon footprint nowadays is the main goal for most renowned companies. That is why more and more popular brands are choosing sustainable packaging over plastic one.

The production of plastic boxes greatly increases the carbon footprint and heavily pollutes the air. Nowadays we can’t afford to keep closing our eyes to that and supporting such a process.

Turning to sustainable cosmetic packaging is a way to keep the carbon footprint of your business low and contribute to a change. Moreover, carboard boxes nowadays are in fashion due to their vision. There could be some truly creative models out there, which you can see if you visit ThePackLion.com.

Affects Climate Change

All the negative effects of plastic taken together account for an impact on climate change, and that impact is definitely not positive. Although there are still some people who are trying to act like climate change isn’t happening, it most visibly is.

Individual people could make changes in their personal lives in order to lower the negative impact and try to stop climate change, but greater actions need to be taken by the industry, since it has the greatest effect on the environment.

Continuing the use of plastic packaging is something unthinkable in such conditions. Furthermore, the big and recognizable companies have already started the change, so staying with plastic will only negatively affect your image.

Climate change could be stopped only by collective action and responsibility.

Bad Conditions for Workers

Production of plastic packaging not only endangers wildlife, but it’s also harmful to humans. It not only worsens our health, but most often the conditions that people have to work in while producing plastic are quite detrimental and unfair for them.

They are being paid close to nothing for long hours of hard work. In third world countries even children are working, which leaves them with chronic health conditions as they are growing up.

These working conditions lead to tiredness, which in turn could lead to accidents in the workplace. By choosing cardboard cosmetic boxes you are choosing sustainability not only in preserving the environment, but also in creating better conditions for workers in the long term.


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