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Why are Carpets a Safe Flooring Option


There are plenty of different types of flooring material readily available, but one of the most popular options out there is carpets. Carpets first became popular in the late 18th century, and people have been installing them in their businesses and homes ever since. With online and traditional stores stocking lots of different types of carpets, consumers have plenty of choices. 

Most carpets are made up of soft material, which not only allows you to easily maintain the carpet’s fabric, but it makes it a lot safer in comparison to harder floors. If you were to fall on a solid surface, there is a good possibility you will sustain a serious injury. 

Carpets are ideal for those with Young Children

Every parent wants to ensure that they create a safe environment in their homes for each person living in the household, especially babies and toddlers. Carpets allow children to crawl, play and run about with very little chance of getting hurt. It is not surprising that most parents opt to install carpets in their homes. 

Ensuring that you keep your carpets clean is vital when making sure small children are safe while playing. Babies and toddlers who crawl will need to use their hands, knees, feet, and other parts of their bodies, so parents have to maintain their carpets regularly. One of the benefits of having carpets in your home is that the material can sometimes hide dirt. This makes cleaning the carpet easier, but if a sharp object or a harmful piece of debris got stuck in the fabric, a child could get injured. There are plenty of carpet cleaning products and tools out there, but you must make sure they are not harmful to children. If a child is exposed to some commercial carpet cleaning products, they might get ill. 

To extend the lifespan of your carpet and to ensure you are using safe cleaning products, consider hiring a professional like carpet cleaning Paddington. Experienced carpet cleaners who have been working in the industry for several years will know how to safely maintain your carpets so kids can enjoy themselves without getting hurt. 

Carpets have Non-Stick Properties

When liquid spills on a carpet, the carpet’s fibres will almost immediately absorb the spillage. Although it can be tough to remove the stain, a person won’t slip. If an elderly person or a small child was to slip on a solid surface, they might need urgent medical attention. Many people have been seriously injured after falling on wooden or tiled flooring. 

Although cleaning a red wine or hot coffee stain can prove challenging, it is possible to clean. Don’t assume you have to replace the carpet with a new one, as there are plenty of ways of making your carpet look like its original self. Make sure you tend to the stain as soon as possible. As the liquid dries, it will be harder to clean it. There are commercial cleaning products designed to remove certain liquids, and there are plenty of hacks uploaded to streaming services like YouTube that are worth checking out. 

There are Non-Toxic Carpets Available

Not all carpets are safe, and before investing in a new carpet, it might be worth your while finding out if it contains toxic dies, harmful synthetic rubber, or other dangerous chemicals. Before installing the carpet, speak to the people who are fitting it to see what types of glue they will be using, and other things that might contain formaldehyde. These could put you and the others living in your household in danger.

Modern carpets rarely contain these dangerous chemicals, but in the past, it seemed a lot of the carpets made contained a lot of these toxins. Homeowners have a lot of options these days, so they can avoid investing in a carpet that contains dangerous chemicals. Consider speaking to the sales representative for advice, and before spending your hard-earned money, check out reviews and forums online. You can find plenty of information on the web about the different materials and the different companies that manufacture carpets and other types of flooring. 


To help maintain your carpet and to increase its lifespan, consider putting a mat so people can clean their footwear before entering the house. This will help stop dirt and debris from getting into your home, which will help keep your carpet and the toddlers playing on the carpet safe. 

When maintaining your carpets, make sure you don’t invest in cleaning products that consist of harsh chemicals. Before purchasing these products, make sure you examine the label. If you come across words like ‘’highly flammable’’ or ‘’dangerous’’, it’s probably best you avoid using them, especially around young children. Most homeowners stay away from cleaning products that have acid, sodium hydroxide, and glycol ethers. 


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