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Breathing in the Workplace: Why Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing is so Important


In a lot of industrial workplaces, airborne contaminants can cause a lot of different health issues. Those who work in such environments sometimes develop health problems such as cancer, asthma, and other lung diseases. In the past, people became seriously ill and often died while working in these conditions, however, nowadays health and safety have to be taken very seriously for businesses to operate. There are lots of different things that businesses can do to prevent their employees and others inside the workplace from getting ill.

Although protective masks can reduce the chances of workers getting sick, LEV testing and inspection is vital. Local exhaust ventilation testers will examine the business’s current ventilation system to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to be doing. A competent LEV tester will carry out a detailed examination of how the LEV system operates. They will want to make sure the current system controls airborne contaminants. 

Employers must have their LEV tested by Law

In the United Kingdom, thousands of people contract lung diseases and other illnesses due to hazardous working environments. Not only do employers need to make sure their current system is working properly to protect their workforce, but if they don’t carry out regular testing, they could find themselves in trouble with the law. Providing a safe and clean working environment is very important to ensure those working in the business stay healthy. 

Any business that uses LEV to control vapor, dust and fumes has to make sure that everything is working properly and that the system is serviced on a regular basis by professionals who are trained to do so. By law, this must be done every 14 months. Before hiring a company to test your LEV, make sure they hold the correct paperwork to do so. Consider examining the local laws where the business is running and the current regulations to ensure everything you are doing is above board.

What Happens if you Don’t get a Test Every 14 Months?

Most employers and those who own industrial property make a living from the work that is carried out inside these premises. Making sure that every single person inside these buildings is breathing in clean air is important, and if they don’t get regular LEV tests they might be forced to pay a heavy fine. In recent years, the majority of local governments have brought in strict action for those employers who are not following the rules and regulations. These fines are often very large, which can prove detrimental to these businesses. To avoid being fined, employers should examine the most recent compliance policies released by the local government and use the best ventilation systems on the market. Employers are advised to employ professionals on a regular basis to maintain and check on their current system. Some check their system every couple of weeks while others do it on a monthly basis. 

Make sure that Employees Remain Healthy

The reason why local governments are so strict on employers who don’t follow rules and regulations is that they want to protect those who are working in the business. Making sure that every single staff member works every day in a safe environment helps create a good atmosphere in the workplace. Employees will know that their employers worry about their health by using the best ventilation systems out there, and by hiring people to maintain the ventilation regularly gives workers peace of mind. Most employees are aware of the dangers of contaminated air, so it is not surprising that many of them worry about this when working in an industrial workplace. By using the best people and the best equipment, it will help to create a positive environment. 

What do LEV Testers Test?

A reliable LEV tester will examine the entire system, including the following:

  1. Filters
  2. Hoods
  3. Ducts
  4. They will measure the ventilation system’s performance. To do so, they will need state of the art tools to help them understand how the current system is working. 

If there are any issues with your ventilation, those employed to test the system might be able to help you fix the system instead of having to replace it with a new one. They will have plenty of contacts, so if parts are needed to get it back in working order, these people should be able to help. 

They will follow guidelines and regulations that have been written up by the HSE. Make sure that you hire engineers that are qualified to take on the task by asking them whether or not they hold a BOHS P601. 

When deciding on an LEV specialty, consider researching the company online first, or ask other business owners about their experiences with different specialists. Try to find a reputable local exhaust ventilation testing company that has been in the business for a long time. 


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