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Why Timber Cladding Is Growing In Popularity Among Homeowners


If you’re looking to renovate your building this summer, cladding is a great way to give your home a refresh, both for your interiors and exteriors. While there are several materials you can use to clad your home, timber is one of the most popular options for homeowners and property developers alike, thanks to the wide range of wood grains, colours and styles for you to choose from.

Choosing Internal or External Cladding 

Timber is a versatile material, with many properties that make it well suited to a wide range of households. While internal cladding is a low maintenance means of adding warmth, character and a unique appearance to your home, external cladding gives your building protection against the weather, as well as a sustainable, natural finish too.

Whichever way you’re looking to update your household, timber cladding can offer you a beautiful design that will help elevate the appearance and durability of your home. If you’re unsure which kind of wood panelling will best suit your home, International Timber have all the information you need to update your home aesthetically, sustainably and without going over your budget.                                                                                                                                             

Benefits of Timber Cladding

●      Sustainability

One of the biggest reasons why timber cladding has grown in popularity among recent years is because of the environmental benefits it can have for your property. Lasting for years thanks to its natural durability, timber helps balance the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere, and is a much more eco-friendly option than other more common building materials. Effectively carbon neutral, timber is becoming more of a coveted choice for homeowners looking to make more sustainable choices. In addition, for homes in more rural areas, timber cladding can also help your building blend into its surroundings, ensuring your household can embrace sustainability in every way.

●      Beautiful appearance

Whether you choose to go for softwood, hardwood or modified wood, each type of timber you choose has a beautiful natural appearance. Over time, timber will age naturally, deepening in colour and giving your home an entirely unique feel. When professionally treated, timber is also very scratch and stain proof, meaning it will stand the test of time even more easily. This means you can enjoy a beautiful interior and exterior for even longer.

If you’re considering internal cladding, timber is also a versatile, welcoming option, so is a great choice for commercial buildings that need to withstand a lot of wear and tear, while still appearing welcoming and calming. 

●      Insulating properties

As well as making an impact aesthetically, internal and external cladding can help you save on your monthly bills too. Timber is naturally very insulating, and so works to keep the heat in in winter, and the warm air out in summertime, too. Alongside this, the low maintenance nature of treated wood means you can cut the costs from the installation process, onwards. While you’ll need to have your timber panels professionally treated to ensure they can repel any water or moisture, treated wood can insulate your home for up to 20 years at a time.

●      Easy installation

Whether you’re a DIY expert or you’re upgrading your home on a budget, timber is a great choice for those looking to improve the appearance of their homes, without having to rely on professional installation services. Rather than more tricky materials like brick or stone, timber can be fitted fairly simply. Although every species of wood is different, and will respond to the environment around it by swelling or shrinking slightly, each timber panel sits flush to the wall, and so can be installed easily.


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