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Modern Fireplace Ideas: That Won’t Cost a Fortune


Have you ever done a furnace tune-up service and thought that your fireplace looks dated, but you don’t have the budget to modernize it?

Fireplaces are a great way to bring the warmth of your home into the rest of your space. They can also be a focal point, adding character and charm to your living room. If you’re looking for a modern fireplace, you’ve probably found that most options are either too expensive or too old-fashioned. If you want something that’s both stylish and affordable, there are plenty of ways to customize your home and make it reflect your style. Keep reading to learn more about these simple yet striking ideas.

Update the Surround

A simple way to update your fireplace surround is to paint it. You have many options when selecting a new color:

  • Match the surrounding walls
  • Add a pop of color
  • Choose a neutral shade or white
  • Decide on a bold, bright hue if you’re into that sort of thing

Create a Subtle, Modern Tile Treatment

If you want to add some modern flair to your fireplace, but don’t have the budget for marble or stone, consider using a tile with a contrasting color. This can look cool when it catches the light, especially if you have built-in shelving above your fireplace.

Another way to create a subtle yet stylish effect is by using tiles that have patterns on them. While these won’t necessarily be as bold as marble or granite, they will still give your wall some pop.

Instead of going for one big slab of tile, as many people do with their fireplaces, consider adding smaller pieces. This will make your fireplace look more interesting than most other styles and add interest to the room overall. You could also use different shapes and sizes to create an interesting focal point behind those shelves.

Choose the Right Mantel Design

There’s some leeway here, but you’ll want to choose a mantel design that matches the style of your home. If you have a rustic or farmhouse-style home, something like a wooden plank mantel could work well. If you live in an urban loft with exposed brick walls and minimal furniture, adding another layer of texture and color may not be the best choice.

If you’re struggling to decide which type of fireplace mantel will look best in your space, consider how it fits into your room’s overall aesthetic. Does it complement other elements? Does it clash with them? Are there any pieces that are missing from this area? Try incorporating those into your design for an even more cohesive look.

Add Some Modern Wallpaper

One of the best ways to modernize a space without repaint is by adding some modern wallpaper. Modern wallpaper can be used as a solo statement piece or combined with other elements like furniture and accessories.

A great way to update an old fireplace without spending a fortune is by simply covering it with some nice modern wallpaper.

Install a Contemporary Surround

A plain flat surround may be more traditional, but it’s also far less exciting and can make your fireplace appear dated. If you’re looking to give your space injection of style and personality, consider installing a contemporary surround made of brickwork such as brick slips, concrete, or stone. Or if you’d rather something more colorful and eye-catching, opt for wood or glass instead.


No matter how much you have in your budget, there are plenty of ways to customize your home and make it reflect your style. The key is to find suitable materials, colors, patterns, and styles that will fit your budget. You can also use various techniques to make it look like you paid more than you did.


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