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Six Sustainable Self Care Ideas You Need to Try


Practising self-care these days is more essential than ever. These moments encourage you to pay adequate attention to your well-being so that you can reinvigorate yourself and transmit good feelings to the people around you. It can be anything that helps you unwind, reduces stress, supports your well-being or just sparks a moment of joy.

While there are many different self-care practices, not all methods have to be super expensive or generate plastic waste. Here we will draw attention to 6 ways you can take care of yourself that are good for both you and the planet.

Prepare Yourself A Warm Drink

For many of us, it’s too easy to grab a cup of coffee or tea and mindlessly drink it as you reach for your phone and scroll between people’s stories on Instagram. Instead, try to slow down and take the time to actually enjoy your warm drink. Curling up with a nice cup of tea may be just what you need to relax, breathe, observe and check in with yourself. And you can have a low-waste self-care activity by using loose leaf tea instead of countless tea bags. Also, opt for a plastic-free cup like mugs or other reusable glass.

Also, try not to boil a full kettle for one cup of tea! This way, you will prevent water wastage and won’t use more energy than necessary to fill your cup and bring the water to the right temperature.

Relax With CBD

Nowadays, many people are turning to CBD-enriched products to help calm the mind, ease pain levels and restore a sense of balance to their busy lives. But the natural aspect of this chemical compound is not the only reason why it has gained popularity. More and more CBD UK manufacturers and brands are moving towards organic farming and environmentally-friendly practices as consumers become more eco-conscious. 

There are also lots of ways to take CBD – from oils and lotions to capsules and even edibles like gummies. While gummies often contain animal-derived ingredients like gelatin to create that classic chewy consistency, many brands also offer vegan options. 

Plus, make sure to opt for sustainability-aimed CBD companies. Such manufacturers make the protection of our planet a priority and offer their products in biodegradable packaging. Therefore, you can reap the potential benefits of this supplement without compromising your ethics. 

Move Your Body

Your self-care routine can’t be complete without a little movement. Whether it is jogging, playing tennis, dancing, stretching or going for a walk – just find something that you enjoy and get the blood pumping! Your mind, body and mood will thank you, while most options are typically zero-waste activities.

Including yoga in your daily self-care routine can also benefit your body and mind as this practice not only improves strength, balance and flexibility but may also reduce anxiety, boost the immunity system and promote better sleep. All you need is some consistency, a comfortable spot on the floor, an eco-friendly yoga mat and a reusable water bottle to help keep you hydrated.

Treat Yourself To A Facial

Treating yourself to a much-deserved facial at a spa is truly one of life’s little luxuries and a great method to take care of yourself. You can call the spa ahead of time and double-check if they use cruelty-free products. If not, simply bring your own products or save money and have a mini spa day from the comfort of your home!

Face masks are great for our skin and can provide us with time and space to shut our eyes and fully relax. But instead of buying single-use sheet masks, consider ​​investing in a reusable silicone sheet mask that can be used indefinitely. Just coat it with your favourite hydrating product, place it on your face for a few minutes and then gently hand wash the mask and hang it to dry. Alternatively, you can make a DIY face mask out of different natural ingredients found in your kitchen.

Light Up Some DIY Candles

It’s true that many people love candles for that relaxing atmosphere and sense of warmth they create. However, constantly purchasing new ones is not only expensive but also not very good for our planet. Most conventional candles you buy at the supermarket are made of paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of the oil industry. Not to mention that wicks of specific candles can cause problems as they may contain lead or other types of metal cores that tend to release toxic emissions when we burn candles.

Thus, it might be a great idea to try making your own non-toxic candles at home. Candle making is not only a relaxing and mindful activity, you can also opt for eco-friendly materials such as soy to provide you with a safer and more environmentally responsible way to enjoy the many benefits of lighting a candle. Just head to Google for some easy how-to guides and start collecting old jars or empty candle vessels that you can refill. 


It is fair to say that we all live in a world in which we are all bombarded with tons of information from all angles, every single day. Our mind never gets a chance to rest, which is why it’s crucial to incorporate meditation into your self-care routine. This practice can do wonders for your mental well-being – from increasing self-awareness and reducing negative thoughts to boosting creativity and building skills to manage your stress.

Begin your meditation session by finding a place to sit or lie that feels calm and quiet to you. Then, consider setting a timer, you can start with as little as five or ten minutes. Close your eyes, place your full focus on the breath and make no effort to control it. Notice every movement of your body as you inhale and exhale. In case your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to your breath or simply try out a guided meditation.    


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