Home Design Interior Design: Types of Lighting You Need to Know About

Interior Design: Types of Lighting You Need to Know About


When it comes to interior design, the lighting is very important. Interior lighting has the ability to transform a space. In particular, there are two types of light that you need to know about. Natural light and artificial light. Of course, natural light is going to be provided by letting in sunlight. Then, there is artificial light that you are able to create in your home. Let’s look at the types of artificial lighting you can use to improve your living space.

Mood Lighting

First of all, let’s start by considering mood lighting. This is a type of lighting that is trending right now, with more people incorporating mood lighting into their rooms at home. Just as the name suggests, this lighting is able to create a certain atmosphere in a space. For example, it can give th illusion of ‘relaxed’ and be inviting to guests when they enter. A lot of people are choosing to have mood lighting that strays away from the cool white and warm white colours. Instead, they are choosing red, blue and yellow colours, lighting statements if you will.

General Lighting

Just as you would expect, general lighting in your home has one main purpose. It is to give you sufficient light to function in the rooms in your home. In particular, a centre light is going to be common in most houses. It is supposed to illuminate the space and it is for functionality. Indeed, you can add style and design by choosing luxury lampshades and chandeliers for the main light. It is important to realise that general lighting often has to be accompanied by other types of lighting. This is due to shadows, how they are cast and how general lighting spreads. In particular, a lot of homeowners combine general lighting with ambient lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Next, you have ambient lighting. This is another layer you can add to a room that is going to help with general lighting, as well as to help set a mood. In particular, people use ambient lighting in order to remove shadows and in places where they want to boost the brightness in a room. In other words, ambient lighting is going to be indirect in a room. You will find that it creates a softer light than general lighting.

Task Lighting

Then there is task lighting. Just as you would expect, this is going to be a light source that has a special job in the home. Namely, it is going to allow you to carry out a task and have the appropriate lighting for that activity. A lot of people that like to read are going to have suitable task lighting that allows them to see the pages clearly. Alternatively, if you are working at a desk, you might have a lamp that allows you to work and be more productive. Often, task lighting involves having a strong and bright light source. Other examples include under cabinet lights in the kitchen for cooking or lights in the bathroom for personal grooming.


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