Home Design Every aspect you need to know about getting your kitchen resprayed

Every aspect you need to know about getting your kitchen resprayed


There are typically two ways to redesign your kitchen and give it a fresh appearance. You may either engage a professional unispray spray firm to alter your kitchen respray at a fraction of the cost, remove the kitchen with all its components, consult a kitchen designer, locate a supplier, or employ a kitchen installation. This company offers the greatest quality kitchen remodeling.

What factors should individuals take into account before having their kitchens resprayed?

Simple enough is what individuals should think about when asking about a kitchen repaint. Will it increase the room’s brightness or light level? Many individuals have recently enlarged their homes, and the kitchen will be positioned on the ground floor, which poses a significant challenge for natural light, particularly during the winter. The brightness will increase with a kitchen respray since people can choose colors that are as bright as they wish, removing the current dark-wood appearance.

We can spray any kitchen, whether it is made of solid wood laminate or is already painted, thanks to the paint we employ. The paints we use to seal polyurethane are far better than the common paints found in stores, such as oil-based paints. Our paint will last much longer since it is stronger and more durable than other paints. Because they have endured so much punishment over the years, I have discovered that standard paints are too soft for painting items like kitchens. As a result, we provide a 5-year delamination warranty on all our services.

Why is refinishing a kitchen better than completely replacing it?

Ultimately, everything boils down to cost. A typical kitchen respray is 20% cheaper than a kitchen replacement and takes far less time. We can finish everything in a single day. Even though the days might be lengthy, it rarely takes more than one full day to do the task. Additionally, as the paint dries chemically from the inside out, each layer takes around 15 minutes to dry. Therefore, you may use your kitchen as usual, and the paint smell will significantly diminish when we are packed up and ready to depart. In other words, the smell of oil-based paint won’t linger for days on end because it is already dry!

Absence of disruptive construction

Kitchen installation conjures up images of days or weeks of inconvenient construction labor. This is due to the need to remove the complete kitchen and leave almost nothing behind.

This is not only regrettable but also represents a needless waste of components and resources that are still useful.

Don’t repair something, as the adage goes, if something isn’t broken. Consider having your kitchen repainted, which will save lengthy construction projects, cause little inconvenience to your house, and leave your kitchen looking fantastic.

Kitchen respraying is more economical.

Moving beyond the potentially disruptive construction work that a kitchen installation might bring to your house, it is important to weigh the cost-effectiveness of a kitchen respray. When you include in all the expenditures, including labor, materials, and the time it takes, installing a kitchen may sometimes run you thousands of pounds.

You might save hundreds of pounds with a professional spray painting company’s kitchen respray service! While you won’t necessarily be receiving a brand-new kitchen, kitchens often seem brand-new after a kitchen respray!

An Overview of the Kitchen Respraying Process

Step 1: A kitchen makeover would take a professional team like the specialists from All Surface Respray three to four days to accomplish. The cabinet doors will be removed during the first two days and cleaned.

Due to its prominence and propensity for damage quicker than the inside of the cabinet, this kitchen cabinet area needs the greatest care. Mdf boards need in this situation. Unispray provides all sizes and types of mdf cut to size. Here you can easily buy MDF with great quality.

Step 2: After spray painting the cabinet doors, experts may go on to investigate the cabinet body.

Cleaning and preparation for kitchen repainting will also be required for this portion of the cabinet. The cabinet’s inside may need to be sanded. Professionals will evaluate the state of the cabinets and ensure that the surface is smooth and clean enough to guarantee the success of spray paint.

This second part of the preparation process may take up to 24 hours for a bigger kitchen.

Step 3: This completes the process of repainting the kitchen. The cabinet doors will be professionally re-fitted during the third phase. If required, new knobs will be added to the kitchen doors in addition to the painting. This is the ideal time to upgrade the kitchen’s accessories to something more contemporary.

The mess is limited since spray painting equipment is employed. There will be dripping everywhere if rollers and brushes are used. The issue may be remedied by choosing an alternative to spray paint. There is no mess, and after the process, the pros will guarantee that the kitchen will appear like new.

These are the three fundamental phases in executing a kitchen respray job. 

How to choose the finest contractor for kitchen painting

When you pick Unispray for your kitchen respray requirements, you select the Best Business firm.

With our spray coating services for doors, windows, conservatories, garage doors, and kitchens, we’ve helped many people around the nation alter their home properties.


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