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How To Add Some Character To Your Home


How our homes look can directly influence our mood, and making certain changes to your rooms, whether it’s your kitchen, living room, or bedroom, can entirely change how we feel when spending time in them. As well as this, for those looking to sell their home, a generic and boring home with very little personality is naturally going to be harder to sell than one teeming with character. Adding some character to your home can then be very beneficial, regardless of whether you want a more pleasing space to live in or are looking to get your house ready for the property market. Here are a few ways in which you can add some character to your home today.

Playing With Lighting

One feature of our homes that can drastically impact the overall vibe of the area is lighting. Both natural and unnatural lighting have their place in our homes and will serve quite different purposes. During the daytime, natural light from outside can help us to feel revitalized or even relaxed, depending on a few other factors in the room. Directly sunlight directly into your living room with the help of large windows as well as mirrors can be really good for your mental health. As well as helping more natural light get into your home, you can also use unnatural lighting to add character to your home. Warm lighting can make the place feel more inviting and comforting, and certain light fittings can also add a really interesting focal point to a room. For example, you could add a crystal chandelier to your living room to really draw the eye of your guests.

Creating Feature Walls

Adding mirrors and paintings to a wall is not a new idea by any means, but it’s still something that a lot of people don’t always consider when searching for a way to add something impactful to a room. In that same vein, you could consider creating what is known as a feature wall, in which you convert an entire wall into an interesting, artistic surface. This could be in the form of a textured wall using panelling, or it could be something like a picture wall, in which you create a collage of pictures and mirrors. Of course, in a living room, a common feature wall is one that contains a wall-mounted TV above a fireplace, for example, and this might be worth leaning into. Create a visually appealing space around your TV, possibly adding things like shelving to either side and also paint the wall your TV is affixed to so that it becomes an accent wall different to the others.

Sprucing Up Boring Furniture

Instead of simply replacing them, some furniture in our homes can also be given a fresh burst of personality. Sofas can be reupholstered, wardrobes can be painted or have their doors replaced, and even doors can be given a new lease of life. For example, you could entirely replace what is known as door furniture, which includes interior door handles and other hardware, switching old and worn pieces with brand new eye-catching options. For example, you could add something from Corston’s range of solid brass door furniture, adding some very subtle yet very attractive adornments to your interior doors.

Choosing Some Interesting Antiques

The items you choose to display in your home, whether on your shelves, mantlepiece or hung on your walls, can have an extremely in-depth impact on the overall character of your home. Your house will essentially share the personality of the items you adorn it with, and it’s well established that a brand-new, manufactured item generally has very little personality, if any. Second-hand items, in contrast, bring with them their history. Knowing that an item has been a part of someone else’s life at some point in time gives them a somewhat profound feeling or aura about them. This is even more valid for antique items. Displaying old antiques, whether they’re paintings, trinkets, or even furniture, can instantly give a room much more character than before.

Adding Coving And Panelling

Many new houses today suffer from the cookie-cutter blueprints of property developers who are simply aiming to churn out as many properties as possible to sell. But that doesn’t mean your home can’t break this trend. You can add certain adornments to your blank untextured walls, such as panelling or ceiling coving, giving the place a slightly Victorian feel. You could go further with this and add a ceiling rose around your light fitting. You can also find antique versions of these things as well, with ceiling roses taken directly from old Victorian terraces.

Bringing In Some Nature

As a final suggestion, you should also consider adding some plant life to your home. Greenery is the perfect way to turn even the most sterile and clinical-looking room into a welcoming and vibrant space. Adding some life to your home is a fantastic step when looking to add some personality to the place, and plants can serve to improve our mental health just like natural light can. In fact, they can also be very good for our physical health, cleaning the air around us and reducing stress levels.


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