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10 elegant Christmas 2021 table setting ideas


Christmas is nearly upon us.  It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate this year with friends, family and loved ones.  Let’s hope that the 2021 Christmas season is full of goodwill, celebration and festive cheer.  After the past couple of years we’ve all endured, we’re certainly due a good time!

Mind you, with what seems like ever-increasing costs of living, why not host a Christmas party at home this year.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be able to get creative and enjoy producing a magical, seasonal event for your friends.

So, whether you host a Christmas dinner on the big day itself, or you host a dinner party in the lead up to Christmas Day, we’ve put our heads together and come up with 10 elegant table setting ideas that you could use, which are both affordable and super-stylish!

Coloured linen & tableware

Red and gold are a great colour combo for your festive dinner table, and so this can guide you when you are selecting equipment for your Christmas at home.  A great solution is to hire instead of buy, and there’s plenty of furniture hire and Christmas table setting hire companies out there who offer affordable pricing for short-term equipment hire.  Choose gold and red tablecloths and napkins, and you can even hire coloured glassware and crockery to tie in with your festive theme.  There’s also gold chairs with red seat pads available if you want to go all the way!

Adorned chairs

If you hire banqueting chairs for your Christmas party at home such as Chiavari chairs, for instance, these have spindled backs, making it possible to accessorise your chairs to tie in with your colour choice.  Perhaps go down the route of red or gold organza ties and sashes, or perhaps tie a sprig of mistletoe to each chair, for a lovely romantic touch. The best party equipment hire companies can provide most of this!

Festive gingerbread napkin rings

And talking of napkins, how about actually making some napkin rings for the table…out of gingerbread!  When it comes to festive biscuits, nothing beats gingerbread and so you make it functional as well as delicious…and what a talking point for your guests!  Making gingerbread is also a great way to get your kids involved!

Natural table runners

Decorating your Christmas dinner table can be really fun and enjoyable.  Why not break with tradition from linen table runners and go for natural instead such as moss, holly or even decorative pine cones that you might have spray-painted in gold or red, to tie in with your colour theme.

Hanging greenery

Of course, if you want to follow this natural look through to the rest of the room instead of just on your tables, then there’s nothing to stop you hanging things from your ceiling.  The most obvious one is a bunch of mistletoe, providing the perfect setting for a Christmas kiss!

Nutty candles

And talking of natural table decorations, candles are another essential for your festive dining table – after all, we’ll be in the middle of Winter with the short nights rolling in.  Don’t just have a candle in a plain candlestick – get creative and adorn the base of the candle with nuts such as walnuts, Brazil nuts or chestnuts, for example.  Put a nutcracker on the table alongside, and people can also help themselves to a festive treat!

Festive bottled candleholders

If you don’t want to go down the nutty candle route, then wine or Champagne bottles with a candle in the top really do work a treat, especially with that authentic dripped wax down the side.  If you want to go the extra mile, small twinkle lights inside the bottle really finish it off.

Lots of ribbon

Christmas is a time for giving, and so ribbon is an essential part of your Christmas party decor.  Maybe you could use ribbon to adorn your chairs, or present your menu, or simply to help with the table centrepieces that you have chosen.  Either way, luxury silk ribbon, again in gold or red perhaps, will really set things off nicely.

Festive fruits

Whilst the chances are that your festive Christmas table will now be almost overflowing with decor and Christmas party touches, if you’re in need of anything more, how about decorating your table with festive fruits such as winter pears, cranberries or sugared grapes.

Personal gifts

And because Christmas is a time for giving, why not complete your Christmas party table with a personal gift for each of your guests.  A personal favourite of ours is homemade festive fudge!

Hopefully one or more of these ideas will provide you with some inspiration when it comes to your Christmas dinner table this year.  If you need to hire party equipment, start to look around early and maybe do a Google search for ‘party hire equipment near you’ as the starting point. Table setting hire really is quite straightforward! And, by the way, before we forget, do you need catering equipment hire for your kitchen? Think it through!

One final thing to remember and, indeed, treasure is the fact that it’s always rewarding to see the smiles and laughter on our loved ones’ faces, and knowing that the effort you have put in has made it all worthwhile, so take a moment to sit back and take it all in.

Happy Christmas!


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