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The Best Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Wood Furniture


Wood is a classic choice because of its smooth finish and the rough nooks that remind us of the natural world, making a trend that has rocked the décor and interior market since forever. There are many reasons why wood is such a loved option for indoor furniture. For instance, wood not only looks classic and vintage but also lasts much longer than the other materials used in furniture. Not to mention that wood is the best alternative if you want a sustainable piece and a more eco-friendly and greener house. 

Wood is versatile, beautiful, dynamic and also lasts for generations. Whether you want to add a dining room table, a cabinet, a chair, a set of drawers, a bed frame, or something else made from wood, your home will surely look fantastic. Still, you need to keep some considerations in mind to ensure you choose the best pieces. Here is everything you need to know before you select your wood furniture. 

What is the best wood to choose for furniture?

Wood is one of the most common materials in the furniture-making process. It not only provides aesthetic appeal but also ensures great durability. On the market, you will find softwoods, hardwoods and manufactured wood, but it depends on your choice what you want to choose. These are the most common materials for wood furniture. 


Oak is a classic, gorgeous and dynamic choice perfect for any home, as it is super dense and one of the strongest types of wood. Regarding the colour of oak, there is quite a great variety, and the most popular species include the golden-brown European oak and the paler version of the American oak, although there are also red oaks on the market. 

Oak is an undisputed furniture classic, and this is why it works great in modern, contemporary and eclectic designs, as well as in airy Scandinavian-style interiors and traditional-looking homes. The good news about oak is that it is also more budget-friendly and affordable than other wood types, making it a great economic choice. However, to enhance the beauty of the wood surfaces, you should also choose an interior wood pre treatment, which will enrich and protect the wood, offering a beautiful finish and a longer life. 


Walnut can come in a dark shade that will add premium darkness to your home, making it unique and special. The dark walnut has won a lot of fans thanks to its outstanding and extraordinary texture, colour and grain. Walnut is a dense hardwood, and because of that, it performs the best if you want to have high-impact furniture in your house. This type of wood is excellent in industrial and darker rustic designs, but it is also a popular choice in modern environments, where the colour palette is simple and contrasted. On the market, you can also find a chocolate-brown colour for your walnut that works excellently in modern and Scandi interiors, as it makes a powerful impact and breaks from the predominantly white and airy surroundings. 


Maple will always create beautiful furniture because it has some warm golden hues and creamy white colours. Maple species come from cold climates, which makes them remarkably strong and extremely hard-wearing. Also, did you know that maple is also non-toxic? This makes it the perfect alternative for children. To ensure your furniture will look fantastic for many years to come, it will be good to opt for a wood treatment from rubiomonocoat.co.uk, which will offer cost-efficient solutions for durable results. 


Cherry is a very interesting choice as it will darken with time and give a rich appearance. Usually, this type of wood is chosen for its colour, but there are also plenty of other reasons why people love this wood alternative, like the fact that it is relatively hard and resistant to dents and scratches. Also, it has an even grain and is non-toxic, making it perfect for any home. 

Hardwood or softwood? Which option is better?

Wood furniture is built to look incredible but also to last for many years and provide a long-term return. This is why hardwoods are usually better to opt for, as they provide greater density. As presented above, the most common hardwoods are oak, walnut, cherry and maple, although you could also consider other exotic options if you want to make a bold statement. 

Softwoods are usually cheaper but are less desirable as they tend to scratch and dent. This makes them more suitable for the low-impact areas in your house or as a way to save some money. Pine is a very popular softwood and a great option for the kids’ room, which isn’t supposed to stand the test of time. Also, softwoods are good alternatives for outdoor furniture due to their natural durability. 

How can you determine the quality of the wood?

Once you have decided what type of wood is the best for you, now it is time to discover some factors to help you determine the quality of the wood. It will always be better to opt for the highest-quality item you can afford, as this criterion will impact the wood piece’s usability, aesthetic and general quality. Here is what you need to remember to determine the wood quality.

  • Appearance: You should look for wood free from cracks, knots or other imperfections. Also, the colour should be consistent throughout the piece of furniture, and the grain needs to be even and straight.
  • Durability: You should always select a type of wood suitable for your needs. For instance, it will be good to look for something resistant to insects and moisture for outdoor furniture.
  • Strength: You need to consider the strength of your wood and the ability to resist splitting, warping and cracking. 
  • Grain: The grain can affect the stability and appearance of your furniture, so you should also consider this aspect. 

Which type of wood is the most suitable for your home and your preferences?


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