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Ten tips under £10 to prevent mould build-up in your bathroom


The recent cold and rainy weather has triggered an increase in homeowners searching for quick-fix solutions to prevent dampness and mould in their homes. Bathrooms can be particularly tricky to tackle, especially those without windows or bathrooms used frequently by everyone in the family.

The bathroom experts at Westside Bathrooms have put together ten tips for under £10 to prevent mould buildup in your bathroom.

1.     Wipe down wet surfaces

Use a cloth or old towel to dry all wet surfaces after showering or bathing, including the shower screen or curtain, and allow the curtain to dry entirely by opening it up fully. Keeping a bathroom as dry as you can will help mitigate mould build-up – which thrives in damp areas.

2.     Fix the leaks

The water from baths and showers isn’t the only reason for bathroom mould. Any leaks caused by broken seals can also cause moisture and mould to build up. If you spot broken seals or leaks around your bathroom units or tiles, fix them using an anti-mould filler or silicone sealant as soon as possible.

3.     Open the window

If the weather allows, open the window to get some air circulating. Mould and mildew hate natural light, so make sure your windows are open when it’s dry. Open windows also allow any steam from showering or bathing to escape out of the window rather than circulating in the room.

4.     Use mould-killing products when cleaning

There are lots of mould-preventing or killing products available on the market. White vinegar is one of the best products to use when cleaning, and it is usually already in most kitchen cupboards. Vinegar is a perfect all-round cleaning product and ideal for killing any mould you may not yet see.

5.     Wash rugs, towels and curtains

Mould loves to grow on soft furnishings like rugs, towels and curtains, especially those left damp or unwashed for extended periods. These should be washed weekly to keep bathrooms clean and mould-free and allowed to dry thoroughly before you reuse them. If you don’t have a washable shower curtain, make sure you change it regularly, or if budget allows, swap it for a shower door that can be washed and wiped down after each use.

6.     Make sure the towel rail is turned on

Heated towel rails are a brilliant way to provide heat within a bathroom. Popbathroom will reduce the amount of condensation in the air. So, if you have heating on in the house, make sure the towel rail is switched on, too.  

7.     Keep your extractor fan turned on

Extractor fans remove moisture from the air, which helps prevent mould. They usually switch on when the light is turned on, so ensure they are running when you shower to reduce condensation.

8.     Use anti mould paint

When doing up your bathroom or repainting, make sure to use anti-mould paint. When correctly applied, anti-mould paint lasts, on average, six years and prevents mould from growing on walls and ceilings.

9.     Place purifying plants in your bathroom

Purifying plants such as the spider plant, Chinese Evergreen Bamboo, Snake Plants, Philodendron varieties, and Dracaena varieties are great for reducing mould from the air. If you are a plant lover, this is a stylish and effortless way to help eradicate issues. 

10.   Keep your door open after you shower

Like opening your window, keeping your door open after you shower is a fantastic way to get air circulating in your bathroom to help reduce moisture.


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