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5 stylish home improvements that can also reduce your outgoings


We’re now a week into spring, though before we get too far ahead ourselves and start that countdown to summer, it’s time for a spring clean. However, even better that a spring clean, is a renovation project. We’re not talking anything major here, but some minor home improvements can help to reduce your outgoings.

Switch to LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs pave the way for timeless design and innovative technology. Such light sources emit not only efficient light, but also pleasant light. They’re sophisticated in appearance and feel in complete glass making them a preferable choice for stylish chandeliers.

Further to this, LED light bulbs are the most practical, energy-efficient choice for your home. They use up 90% less energy than traditional bulbs of the halogen kind. Generally, lighting accounts for around 15% of a typical household’s electricity bill, so by switching to LED bulbs, you can save upwards of £35 per year.

Upgrade your windows and doors

Install some new windows and doors to afford your home a whole new feel. New windows can make the interior of your home bright while simultaneously adding beauty both inside and out. Though, it’s worth delving beyond the cheapest available option, and installing the most efficient you can find. Installing uPVC A-rated energy efficient windows, such as those from Polar Bear Windows, can take roughly £80 a year off your heating bills.

Bathroom revamp

Renovating your bathroom may be a costly project in the short-term, but long-term it can help to seriously reduce your outgoings, so as long as you’re smart with your decisions. Make energy efficient choices and there will be a reduction in water usage throughout the home. Survey the range of showerheads your builder offers you.

Nowadays, these come in a range of styles and several are designed to aerate the water more. In turn, this reduces water usage without negatively impacting your shower experience, or the aesthetics of your fittings. Doing so can help to save you almost £200 on your water bill.

Treat yourself to new appliances

The appliances that we use in our homes on a daily basis can contribute a significant amount to our overall energy bills. After heating, fridge-freezers are said to be the main perpetrators. With this in mind, revamp your entire kitchen with some trendy new appliances. You can even introduce a whole new colour scheme – stick with something timeless such as chrome, or add a pop of colour, whatever you deem as stylish.

Now, electrical appliances display a so-called traffic light energy efficiency-rating label. Within this label, dark green is the most efficient, and products labelled red are the least. So, when you’re on the hunt for new appliances, look for those rated A+++. Fridge-freezers with this rating cost just £30 a year to run, while the most expensive can cost almost £100 more!

Invest in smart home technology

Home automation is no longer limited to sci-fi movies but is now the norm and a popular feature in many homes. Incorporating open banking and exploring revenue based loans can make adopting these technologies more accessible. It’s stylish, convenient, and efficient. Its ability to allow you to check on your home remotely means you can seriously reduce monthly utility bills. For example, lights will switch off a few moments after you leave the room, meaning you no longer have to spend your day worrying about that bedroom light you left on.


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